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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash
Category: Drumming

Sound Healing for Nepal



William Bloom suggests that we send compassionate healing towards the souls who have passed over in the earthquake in Nepal. As a community of sound healers and sacred drummers we can make our contribution so that increasingly we learn to become more useful; teaming up to bring peace, trust and comfort to others undergoing catastrophic change around the world. The drum is like a sophisticated and yet ancient mobile phone. Through drumming we can connect to others and in return be connected to, it helps us to focus our intent into communicating through the veils of consciousness, the lower, middle and upper worlds. With the drum we can project ourselves, beyond our limitations into global healers and co creators.


Start by feeling awake and fresh, feeling comfortable in a sacred space. Call in the powers of the sacred directions as you tap away on your drum, tapping is more inviting than beating the drum which can tend to be demanding and demonstrating. Here we are inviting the powers into where we are sitting, rather than projecting outwards a message, let the even tapping drum hold you steady into your intent with complete focus. Begin to draw the powers of the sacred directions into your centre, become them, know that you are as important to them as they are to you, you are in a relationship with all the sacredness of life, form and energy around you. Go round and around the circle south, west, north and east, inviting the elements, angels, archetypes, colours, sounds, the whole cosmos is available. Invite and bring it all in, stirring the chalice of love in your heart. Calling in, calling in until the circle feels strong. Now see in this circle all your friends, family, soul family and colleagues, the same as you, being committed to being part of a hoop of healers.


Look down, see the earth mother below you and see that you are an extension of her beauty, form and presence. Your body is made of her, and you are part of everything around you. Every manifest form, every thing in your world is mother earth, occupying space; just like you, having a reason for being here. Look up and see the sun’s energy as coming down on you like a waterfall of light, feeding you with life force, warmth and prana. The moon and stars informing you, all the space filled with unseen energy. Each breath is filled with energy, see each breath as a gift being given to you, as one breath at a time, keeping you alive and conscious. As above so below, father sky and mother earth, and you in between.


As you sit here tapping purposefully on your drum, see yourself as very useful as a resource, with all your friends with you. You are bang in the centre of things and you can direct your intent and that of your soul group with your drum beat to the destination of Nepal.


For a moment look objectively at the earth’s relationship with space, she is a huge whirling sphere, spinning through space around the sun at 490,000 mph; made of molten iron, nickel and rocks; with a delicate shell of life drifting on top, like postage stamps glued to a balloon. This fragile shell of life, her oceans, seas, and land masses with mountains, green forests and lakes, are all floating on slow moving plates over the surface of this molten ball. One plate upon which sits the land mass of India with its human population of one and a quarter billion, has just moved ever so slightly north pushing the Himalayan mountains up higher by a few centimetres. And down in the south and east around Java and Japan the plate has separated, sliding open and allowing hot gasses and molten rock to rise out of the fiery depths; steam and volcanoes erupting, in vents down in the deep dark ocean trenches the sea is boiling; Mother Earth is having a shake.

Wherever there are human beings living in the compression zone of Nepal, or at the opening of the plates in Indonesia, life there is fragile and threatened. These humans are just like you and me, no different in any way. Except that they are hungry, losing their loved ones and having very little in the way of material things, homes and possessions - they just have their lives.


Yet here you sit with your drum. Imagine that you are at one with the compassion and the love of the powers, as you called them up, all bundled together as a great imagined force, like a white cloud. Focus this feeling into the very centre of your self being there, in Nepal, giving something of yourself to those who need it. As you see suffering pour in the feeling, drum it in. As you see spirits clinging onto possessions, loved ones and life, take them by the hand and lift them out, drumming them out. Imagine a door in the west where the sun sets, open the door with your imagination and see their ancestors, deities, angels and family inviting them to pass through the door, drum them through, so that they feel safe, and free to journey on. As you do this, tapping away on your drum, know that you are there in Nepal, in the mountains, in the towns and in the dusty streets. If you were physically there you would be in the way, a do-gooder taking up valuable resources.


Here sitting with your drum you are making yourself useful and available, you can and you are doing something of true value. Remember that everything in your life started with imagination. The cup you drink your tea out of, someone imagined and then made it. The pen I am writing with was imagined and then was brought into form. Everything, absolutely everything around you is the manifested product of someones imagination. So lets not have doubt about the power of what we as a team are doing with our creative imagination in bringing compassion into areas of need. This is called co-creation. Your creative imagination in being focused towards receiving the available energy around you, and then giving, sending this natural power to the maximum and doing this as a sound healing team; this is most useful. 


When you have finished, give a prayer of thanks to all the people and souls in the circle and the powers of the sacred directions that you invited at the beginning. Come back solid to where you are. And then with four to seven strong solid beats to your drum, feel yourself in your body, back safe and sound, grounded, open your eyes and have a cup of tea in that cup you imagined, because it is real, and so is the good Darjeeling tea that you are drinking, which was grown in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Posted: 02 May 2015 By: Hara Willow

Thank you Steven for this beautiful article. It has moved me deeply and I will do sound healing for Nepal at my twice monthly healing group in Wirral on Monday. We drum, chant and meditate together twice a month and we shall add our intent, our voices, our drums and our love to this wonderful world wide response to the suffering in Nepal. Thank you for your inspiration. I hope to meet you again at the Sound healing conference this year. (I was at your drumming with the ancestors workshop last November and am doing Sound Healing with Mike Barron.

With love, Hara Willow

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