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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash
Category: Drumming

Tiny Tick what are you good for?

Tiny Tick what are you good for?

What purpose has a tick got? Nasty little things like tiny little black crabs that fall and then creep around and secretly settle on the poor dog. Attaches itself by drilling and burrowing into the flesh, latching itself on like a leech it sucks blood and life force slowly and gently from its host. Engorged satiated and bulbous to twenty times its original size, with all that viscous delicious deep red, food filled, super nutritious blood, it drops off. Somehow the horrible little blighter drags its creepy crawling self away and settles down to making eggs within its hard shell, gestating and spawning a  brood of new tiny baby ticks to continue its life cycle. “What purpose has this blood sucking little creature got in our beautiful world?” asks Renata.

That is a drum journey challenge if ever I am given one. Tapping away on my drum, I have greeted the sacred directions, smudged and made my healing prayers and I am now ready to go travelling into my inner world for answers. It is said that Jesus stated, “Awaken, awaken whilst you are in this body for every thing is within it” and to follow this phrase, my father who I studied with as a child this world of healing as apprentice, and who started the “Inner Space University” said, “That if we look inside we will find all the answers”. So I go inside, listening to the sound of my drum being played on the rhythm of my ever beating heart. As I listen drum sings to me, reminding me of the waves booming on the sea shore, at night when the air is hot and still, or coming as the “wooshing” of the leaves in the wind of a gale blowing, and mixing in fierce gusts from the Atlantic. All these sounds are naturally inside me, I need to listen and use them as a road way to seek answers. 

What purpose has a tick got? I am in a tree, waiting very patiently waiting, who cares what size I am, I am just waiting and I am patient. Season upon season I have waited, moving from branch to branch, leaf to leaf, hungry and waiting. I can feel everything in the earth, every shake, every breath of wind, very bird flying through my world is noticed. It is from below that I seek most, to drop upon something warm blooded, something that will feed my future children, something big, full, hairy and warm. These big hairy things are part of my world, many times I have dropped and missed, having then to crawl back up into my place in the canopy and very patiently wait some more. I am part of the web of life.

As I look deeper with the drum beat I hear this instruction:

“I hold with my life force the web, my web is not of the spider with its fine sticky filaments, my web is the blood of my clients, my hosts, relative that I invite myself upon. My strong, super tough family, aeons in the making, we that hide and wait. We are a host that lurks in the grass, in the bushes and branches, sitting, moving, crawling and waiting for another guest to arrive below. Our web is there in all seasons, resilient, and enduring. We hold a power between earth and sky, we hold this space of conscious waiting and patience between earth and heaven that deserves respect, many fear us and are disgusted by our presence, our systematic crawl over the skin as we seek a place to feed, yet we are life givers and strong holders of the web of life. We take from the rich and give to the poor; we are the poor, as are our children, we are feeding the earth our mother with the blood of others. Who owns this blood? It is common wealth for all to share it is food of the mother. See how I and my family are the glue in the web of life. Our waste is the blood of others, this feeds our mother the earth. Our power in such a tiny form is a strong teacher to all. Our resilience, our crab like structure, our consciousness of patience, our gift of waiting awareness, being awake in the moment of opportunity, these are our gifts to all; and with this we hold the web of life together, in our zone. Like the ant, or the bat, the bird, the human there are many types of us and we all have our place in the web of life. We are a group intelligence that holds its place of power in the tall grass and the hanging branches. We will not be weakened or wiped out, we have endurance, we are the glue of life.”

We two-leggeds have such judgement about other life forms. The big ones who threaten us and make us fearful we exterminate, the bear, wolf, the tiger and fox. There are some beyond our control to rule who are kingdoms within them selves that show how vulnerable we really are. They reflect back to us how much we the two leggeds are part of the natural world and there are some relatives who will get the better of us given half the chance, these tiny relatives can easily knock us off our pedestal of supremacy. Ticks demand respect and a quick dispatch with fire, sizzling, bursting and almost melting into a future life form.

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