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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash
Category: Drumming

Asking for Help

If you have a problem you ask for help. Who do you ask when you pop out a vertebrae in your back, you are on the phone to the osteopath like a shot. How about a tooth ache? In the car and off to the dentist we go. When we are sure of what we are getting, there are proven results, and we have been amply conditioned by authority figures, there is no problem in asking for help.

Traditionally in the Native American societies if you have a problem you go to the medicine person, the shaman or healer with a filled pipe, or you ask for the pipe to be filled, that is you  asking for help. As a pipe carrier who uses the sacred pipe in ceremony often, I never get asked for help by other pipe carriers, or people asking for pipe medicine, we have forgotten this valuable aspect of the sacred smoke, grandfathers breath. We don’t know how to ask the Grandfathers and Grandmothers for help.

If people do not know what something is good for how are they going to ask for its help? In the world of natural healing, people do not know what they are getting, we sacred drummers and sound healers are a question mark. What is our sound healing or drum healing good for? We have to have confidence in the nuts and bolts of our work so that clearly we will attract people to ask for help. We are able to manifest what we desire to have happen in our lives. When we are determined, clear and focused we can call to the universe and the universe will answer.

What do we sound healers have to offer? If we know and trust in us “coming up with the goods” as the answer then we can visualise an abundant outcome of people coming and asking for help. Lets create a list of some of our virtues. We share wisdom and common sense, we really care and listen to others needs, we ease pain at the depth of the soul, we can remove unseen and hidden trauma, we can give explanations and insight for deep inner pain, we can give understanding to re occurring and repeated patterns of ill health, we can illuminate family themes, subconscious and ingrained addictions and disease, we can unlock the unseen. These are all aspects of the human soul not being in harmony with the spirit of the world around us.

Our skills as sacred drummers and sound healers helps the living soul. Through voice, drum, rattle, gong and our multitude of skills we help the soul of each person given to us by spirit. As medicine people we have been called; we listened and then we followed the calling of the soul. The flood is happening as more people awaken. What and who have they got to come up with the goods on the soul level? We are the ones who know how to sing the soul awake. For the soul to feel safe to show its face, to feel heard, to expose the vulnerable underbelly or express the shame.

There is nothing for us to feel shy about, or to be ashamed of, you and I have invested the life time in this deep knowing. As Marianne Williamson has so clearly stated. “We are the ones that we have been waiting for”. If we visualise from the place inside the heart where we wish to be of service, wish to be available to those needing help, the people in need will come and ask for help. We need to trust in ourselves and know that we have invested in the greatest human gift. We invested in love, and love comes when we ask for help. 

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