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Projects, Octaves & Colour

Recently, my partner and I have been engrossed in a journey. A big project, in fact. Today I am reflecting on how sound and colour can assist me in understanding the many challenges the journey is presenting us with. 

Firstly, if we look at octaves of music (or colour, as in the rainbow) as the complete journey from start to finish; there are different vibrations for each step. Gurdjieff talks very interestingly about this as the Law of Octaves which is represented in a book called 'In Search of the Miraculous'. I believe each step of any musical scale, whatever note we start on, has a flavour. (I am talking about the basic major scale here - the scale upon which most other scales relate to or are build upon, and also the scale which most closely relates to our astrology and the main planets in our solar system). get back to the steps... Knowing where I am helps me to recognise the kinds of challenges I might be having and to accept them more completely, to keep hope, and to also use tools to uplift and shift me along when I am stuck.
For instance, the first note, do, can be represented by the energy of Red or the number one,and is the home note, the starting enthusiasm and raw energy that motivates. "Ah, let's tour Australia with music. Let's build our own tour bus!' Sounds exciting!
The second step on the journey 're' involves relationship, two, or orange. I need to make the first step... To move the initial idea onto the physical plane. So, in our case it was: 'Let's buy that bus, it's a steal at that price!' This step takes some kind of phyiscal contribution, resources (hence Orange) and continued enthusiasm to make the physical manifest. Most people can get this far on the journey.
Next comes the 'mi', the third step, or yellow. This is the greater expansion. It takes a bit of working out. I always find the yellow step involves mental and creative challenges. 'How do we do this or that?' Now we have the bus, what do we have to do to make it a tour bus? What is our budget? What is the design, layout etc? This takes mental powers and creative thinking.
The fourth step, 'fa' or green, brings a slowing down. This is where we meet our first real challenges. Hard work becomes routine, or obstacles seem unsurmountable, and we can get stagnant. Lack of capital or unforeseen blocks can bring hold ups and delays. There are many half finished buses for sale on ebay...
The fifth step, 'so' or blue, can bring chaos and change. Plans have gone awry. How we want things to be may not be possible. This can lead to despondency and the desire to give up. However, if problems are communicated and shared, a new level can be reached and flow can begin again. This level requires faith in one's abilities, and the ability to rise above negative emotions and self-defeating thoughts which were brought on by the previous challenges. It requires a re-membering of why the project was started in the first place. If the motivation was not authentic enough, then here will be the final downfall of the project. Yep, we are somewhere between these fourth and fifth steps.
The sixth step...or 'la' or the colour indigo brings self-empowerment and insight into how the finished project will turn out. Generally there has been a break through and some kind of relief, This can herald the stage of the more detailed finishing touches. More pleasure and less hard yakka! A deeper use of vision to tie all aspects of the project together into a complete and relevant whole. This requires further reflection and thought to really add your personal stamp and focus on the desired outcome. New ideas and inspirations may come to light and be revealed as a kind of cosmic reward for the struggles which were previously overcome. Looking forward to this one!
The seventh step, or 'ti', or violet represents the last step before completion. It is a delicate time. A time which requires a full letting go of the past. Of making sure there is space in your life to give the project what it needs to have life and to continue. The bus cannot sit in the back yard and be lived in. Goodbyes must be said. Jobs must be left behind and new risks be ready to be taken. A complete step of faith. A complete trust in the cosmos to protect and guide you on your new path. Willingness to step into the void and really find out if the project will succeed in the real world ('do', step 1, Red again)...
I'm good with violet. I can do that! Sometimes it is eay to live in the violet (e.g. dream of the desired outcome, live in that space already) and not do the leg work. For some of us healers and spiritual types, the physical realm is just hard work!

So here I am in the fa, so stage. Green and blue. Two cool colours and steps that seem to add the most challenges. Instead of working with these colours of the is good to counteract them with their opposite energy. Hence reds and oranges are good to work with. Stuff that involves less thinking, more experiencing, and something to 'shake off the blues'. We all need the opposite of any colour to balance. What can we do to balance ourselves on any point of the journey? I use my music, my sound therapy, dance, mediation, and communication. When we get to that sixth stage, it is so vital to communicate. As a chakra journey, the scale chokes up at the throat. The journey through the lower chakras (do, re, mi, fa) (the torso) reaches the throat and we have a roadblock! Things need to be fine tuned and pulled together to fit into that space. Expansion is no longer about the physical. It is about connecting to a higher level and using that connection to help manifest our dreams, projects and visions...
My phrase for this year has been 'Communication, communication, communication!' This is where so many things fall apart. People afraid to say what is bothering them pull back. Obstacles take longer to overcome because people don't want to ask others for help, or to want to appear unknowledgeable. Presumptions abound and as everyone's projections and wounds and beliefs are different, no one 'gets' the picture right. So here we are, all working on the same project, having completely different experiences and all potentially losing the plot! Ha ha, it is a Shakespearean divine comedy! He was a very insightful man.
Well, that's all for today. Not a complete article on the subject by any means, but just a blurt. Something to share on the world wide web of 'communication, communication, communication!'

Be in peace but also in energetic movement and conviction...
Go forth and prosper!

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