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Sound levitation

Secrets of Sonic Levitation


Ancientmanuscript describe sound levitating heavy, perhaps aiding in the building ofhuge pyramids and monuments. Ancient texts, all over the globe, describe soundas an effective method to move and alter dense physical matter.


According to ancient wisdom, the powerof sound increased with large numbers of participants singing or playingmusical instruments. Each individual accessed energy that originated from theheavens. Two singers together created more energy than each singing separately,as if their combined voices increased energy logarithmically. Heavenly energyfrom large choirs constantly sang to make a country potent, almost invincible.


Author Bruce Cathie described an eyewitness account of many Tibetan monks moving huge boulders with their voicesand musical instruments. The exact location of the singers and musicians wascrucial for the “anti-gravity sonic effects” to work.[1]Various ancient writing describe directional sounds as a source of mechanicalpower, as if sound was squirted out of a water pistol: aim was important.[2]


A  German article, by Swedishengineer Olaf Alexanderson[3]described sonic levitation: 'We know from the priests of the far east that theywere able to lift heavy boulders up high mountains with the help of groups ofvarious sounds... the knowledge of the various vibrations in the audio rangedemonstrates to a scientist of physics that a vibrating and condensed soundfield can nullify the power of gravitation.”

[4] only20 years ago in Tibet from a civil engineer, Henry Kjelson, reported that aSwedish doctor, Dr Jarl, made a journey to Tibet in 1939 to visit a high Lama.This lama let him observe sonic levitation of huge rocks up a cliff of about250 meters.


The task was accomplished by mapping out exactly where singers andmusicians stood. They angled their sound to go underneath a huge rock and up itwent. Details are given in Bruce Cathie’s free book, Acoustic Levitation ofStones.[5]

In another example, Edward Leedskalnin, a man with humble financial resourcesand a fourth grade education, built a monument to his lost love who canceledtheir wedding one day before the ceremony.
In this area of Homestead Florida the coralcan be up to 4,000 feet thick. Leedskalnin cut and moved huge blocksof coral himself with only hand tools, yet each section weighed more than 58tons.[6]Leedskalnin left the castle as proof that he could move large stones withoutequipment.


Leedskalnin claimed he knew how theEgyptians built their pyramids. He built Coral Castle by reportedly “singing”to large stones to lift them. Leedskalin placed his hands over a stone to belevitated. He sung a scale until his hands felt a response from the stone.(Each tone was sustained to detect a subtle vibratory response.) The sound thatproduced the strongest vibration was sustained for quite some time to give therock a powerful dosage and the rock levitated.


In a high tech example, high poweredsound can suspend and move objects in air. Yoshili Hashimoto of Tokyo’s KaijoCorporation developed an acoustic levitation machine. The sound vibrates 20,000times per second to keep a small silicon wafer hovering on millimeter above asurface.  Acoustic levitation experimentshave been conducted in space as the absence of gravity make better conditionsto observe just the impact of sound.


The wonders of sound… we have notscratched the surface of what this energy source can do – if properlyharnessed. The future science of sound and vibrational energy will “rock” ourworld!





Jill Mattson isa prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is a four - time author and widelyrecognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing!  Her book, the Lost Waves of Time won the best overall book of 2016, and bestalternative science book. Deep Wave Body Healing CD took tophonors for Best Sound Healing CD of2016 at the COVR competition.  Mattsonhas produced eight CD's that combine intricate Sound Healing techniques withher original Award winning musical compositions (Deep Wave Beauty CDBest New Age CD of 2012 – SilverAward).  The CD's consist ofintriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques - with soundenergy & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits. Alsoavailable on the sites are additional free mp3's of her Sound Healingcompositions, including Solfeggio Tones, Star Energy, Flower Frequencies,Fibonnaci and nature tones. Gallery and music at,,




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