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Jill Mattson
from: Jill Mattson
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Our Star Connections

Our Star Connections

Why? … since Ancient Times &Earliest Men - do we gaze at the Stars above with vast wonder? Why do wenaturally yearn for the Stars and reach out for them? Why do the smallestchildren know that Heaven is Above? Many age-old monuments were driven by ourfascination with the heavens...Giza Plateau in Egypt, Stone Henge, TeotihuacanPyramid Plaza ... the Three Mesas of the Hopis and many, many more relics oflong gone civilizations reflect the immense significance of the glimmeringstars.

Ancient stone circles and pyramidlocations captured important celestial alignments. At these sacred times, theancients prayed at their "observatories" - listening to the silentvoices of their gods – speaking through the star light. Celestial vibrations.During heavenly alignments of the stars, great sages and seekers absorbed thecascading fragments of star waves and heavenly currents. These sacred sitesharvested special energies when the "Star Gates" were opened atequinoxes, solstices and special astronomical alignments. They knew that theseStar Energies had great powers. Yet, we have forgotten.

Why do we instinctively try tounderstand the nature and the origin of our Universe? Did you know that justabout every chemical element building block in our bodies was first forged in the Stars? There is somethingdeep within our natures revealed here! Our souls yearn for the fullest reunionwith the higher energy from the stars.

We are not the only living things thatsoak up the starlight. Plants grow better with increased exposure to starlight. Animals seek out music with star tones in the background. The animalssense something special. Even the sight of the twinkling stars calms andsoothes us, filling us with hope and wonder.  

There is a very interesting connectionbetween nature and star sounds. Taking a sound-track of crickets down threeoctaves, reveals the sounds of human’s voices. The same phenomenon happens withtaking down bird-chirps 5 octaves, dolphin-songs 7, whales-tones 9, and tapedstar sounds down 11 octaves. (With scientifically proven resonance, energies sharewhen they are the same tone and octaves of that tone.) Resonance occurs betweenthe human voice, crickets, bird chirps, dolphins, whales and star sounds. Inthis way, the cascading tones found in nature lead us to the heavens: thestars. Perhaps these nature sounds encode higher energy and gift this to us,while we are only aware that gazing at the stars feels good. Yet, maybe thelevels of this universe are quite literally uni (one) verse (song).

Another way to connect to a star and its powerful & healingenergy was by singing its orbital frequency, as depicted in the chart below, Colors, Tones & Star Clusters. Theauthor has created fluid and ethereal music, using precise star tones in thebackground of her Star Dust CD.Hundreds of people report healing from the star tones.



Colors, Tones & Star Clusters


Signature Color

Fundamental frequency

Probable Astrological Sign





Orange yellow

D#  (or Eb)






Yellow green




F#  (or Gb)


Green blue





G# (or Ab)



Blue violet





A#  (or Bb)


Violet red








Orange red





Listening to the star tones wasconsidered a “fast track” by ancient masters to enlightenment and elevated consciousness.The ancient Chinese and Egyptians, thousands of years before Christ, replicatedstar sounds. In fact, ancient musicians “played the stars”. Music amplifiedheavenly energies and the nurturing forces of Mother Earth by replicating startones and elemental energies. When man vibrated in sync with Heaven and Earthvia music, he harmonized with God. In this way, sound tempered challenging astrological energies.

Each star has its own unique frequencymatrix: the combination of orbital, rotating and physical matter of star. Each sparklingstar’s signal is unique. According to ancient masters, each star frequency-matrix gives us the energy ofa challenge, a blessing and mastery of a skill. You link to this high-poweredenergy just by star gazing! Just like certain prehistoric tribes, many of ustoday feel a natural link to particular Stars in the Heavens.

Frequencies mathematically link tocolors – the frequency and the color share energy through resonance. A star’sfrequencies likewise connect to colors. If we could see the “color” of thestars, we would see the rainbow colors sparkling at us from above. (Seecolorful NASA SPACE photos below.)

The stars in the night sky provide afrequency path to enlightenment, this energy helps us to “master” matter. Thestars are a Stairway to Heaven. Like the Pied Piper who used music to lead thechildren, we can follow the beautiful Star Songs and find our way back HOME!

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