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The Healing Songs of the Stars

The Healing Songs of the Stars


The shepherd plays the harp at night, while watching over his sheep. His celestial music twinkles and sings along with the stars. The ancient musician seems to “play the night sky”. I wonder, “Just how would one do that?” 


Planets orbit androtate. Both actions create pitches (which can be determined by physics). Albeit,these pitches are below our hearing range, but when raised up octaves - we can hearthem. These star tones twinkle in the background of my Star Dust musical CD. The literal star tones create a heavenly feeling.... go figure. Buthow did ancient man “play the stars”? They weren't using simple physics, like Idid. 


There are numerous waysto “play” the stars. Here is one: Look at the night sky and divide it intoquadrants (in your imagination). Notice that your feelings are slightlydifferent when gazing at the different quadrants.

Choose the quadrant that you are attracted to, divide it intoquadrants again and select the most compelling area. Keep doing this until you narrowdown to one star or constellation. Some Ancient Masters believed that this isyour star of origin. This star or constellation feels vitalizing and good toyou. Some people believe that they have ties to “beings” from these stars, asif all souls came from other planets.


Can you feel the subtledifferences in your feelings by gazing at one star versus the other? A fullmoon feels different than a crescent moon. Studies show violent behavior rises withthe full moon. The full moon lifts the world’s oceans 18 feet or more. That isa powerful force. Everyone can feel the difference in their feelings with thechanging phases of the moon, and that includes you, dear reader. So there areno excuses for those who protest that they cannot feel the difference betweenstars, when we all notice the difference from phases of the same moon.


Recall the feeling ofgazing at the full moon. Can we amplify its impact? We absorb a greater volumeof subtle energy when we focus on something. Remember being in fourth grade andthe teacher is droning on about fractions, while the hot gossip is whispered fromthe juicy mouth of the hot girl in the next row of desks. When paying attentionto the gossip, it increases in volume, while the voice of the teacher gets softer.When we focus on something, we link to it and its volume increases.


Gazing at Venus, withher pinkish glow, I feel soft and loving. Gazing at Venus always feels theexact same for me. Yet another star, such as Mars, creates tiny “fiery”feelings. Venus is the love God and Mars the warrior. The stars get their reputationsand stories from how ancient sgaes subtly felt when they gazed at them. So whenwe want to be more loving, we gaze at Venus. If you are preparing for a fight,bathe in the warrior-energy of Mars. Subtle vibrations, such as the stars,change us in tiny ways. Just like - to get in a loving mood, we listen to lovesongs. 


The midnight sky wasancient man's medicine cabinet. Stars were prescriptively used, for example: Ifsomeone was too timid, gazing at Mars (the heavenly warrior energy) may restoreinner strength – slowly but surely. If you were down-in-the-dumps, the energiesfrom Jupiter provide a light and jovial energy. Stars provide tiny bits of energythat can be accumulated – softly effecting the physical body and offering anemotional smorgasbord. 


Each star has its ownset of frequencies (in part from its orbit and rotation).... Just like otherpeople have their own unique matrix of frequencies. We are attracted tothe energy of one person and not the other. Likewise, we are also attracted toone star and not another (if we pay attention). Our subconscious mind releasesendorphins when we encounter frequencies that we need. Subconsciously we seek outfrequencies that slowly heal us. Our healing frequencies can be in theform of a star, person, food or color.


Let’s say a star’sfrequency corresponds to the musical note of C. We can listen to a C on thepiano, but the stars presents a higher version (octave) of C. In an analogy,think of the feeling of love. There is a low and high version of love. A personloves ice cream, but a higher octave of love is demonstrated by Jesus, Mohammadand Buddha. By star gazing and identifying the star that trips our trigger, we downloadthe star’s high frequencies.


Why are the benefits ofstar-energies not acknowledged today? In an analogy, with a monkey mind, we areclueless about the benefits of meditation – of prolonging one thought for aperiod of time. The night sky is also like a monkey mind (sounds like nonstopmind chatter with thousands of stars vibrating). The gamut of star frequencies twinkle at us, but selecting one star and“attuning” to it demonstrates its benefits that we have ignored for centuries.


Mathematician Barbara Herocalculated the pitches of the orbits of stars, such as those in the Pleiades,Arcturus, Syrian and Orion star clusters. Hero mathematically showed that Earthhas a reciprocal relationship with the orbital frequencies of many of the starsin the above star groupings. Reciprocal relationships can be compared tocomplementary colors, such as red and green. If we correlate Earth to the colorgreen, then Arcturus would be red. Complementary colors balance each other liketwo kids playing on a see saw. The stars above have a “see-saw” relationshipwith Earth. It follows then that if Earth is out of balance, then these starclusters are negatively impacted. We are linked sonically. Are beings fromthese stars here to help us and hence, save themselves? When we helpourselves, do we subtly “tune” them?


You can listen to thestars with the Star Dust CD, with thefrequencies of planets in our solar system. Testimonies claim that this music,heals animals, uplifts people with autism, and makes one’s garden growthfaster.

The fast track toascension, could it be found in the heavens - that we have access to and with attention- we can download - little by little!

Video of the stars


Video for sound healingmusic

Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musicianand Author. Jill is widely recognized expert and composer in the field of SoundHealing!   She has produced nine CDswith intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, & specialhealing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.  Jill is a four - time author. (The Lost Waves of Time – Best Book of 2016and Best Alternative Science book of 2016, Deep Wave Body Healing CD– BestSound Healing CD of 2016, Contacting Angels & Masters CD – Best CD of 2015and Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD – Silver Award).  She offers an online Sound Healing School.Jill presents new ways of approaching health and everyday issues using thebenefits of sound! Free music & School of Sound Healing at




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