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Creating Sacred Space

Sacred Space


Creating Sacred Space was a titillating ancient secret. Observehow far people travel to a sacred site - without knowing that they can createsuch spaces themselves.

Everything is vibration and every vibration has a frequency…such as the rocks in the ground, mineral content of the soil, the presence of waterin the air (or not).These things contribute to the “frequency potpourri” of alocation. For example, reflect on the feeling of being in a desert and thennear the ocean. The amount of water in the air makes a difference in the feelof a location. 

Perhaps the crystal content in the soil, the type of rocksbeneath the soil or the magnetic flow deep under the surface contribute to thepositive feelings emanating from special spots. Locations on ley lineintersections (energy currents from the Earth’s molten iron core) were desiredbecause the sacred energy that masters created - combined with the energy ofthe ley lines and impacted a broader area. Likewise, it was important to locatespots on underground water ways so the good vibes practiced at the site, wouldtravel in the water to upgrade the geographical area that the stream nourished.

Special places uplift people, increase their strength andhealing. Yet we can notice how any space feels. For example, it feels better tovisit Machu Picchu, a sacred site, than Auschwitz (the former concentrationcamp). The history of events at a certain location contribute to its “feel.”

People’s feelings and consciousness subtly floats in the airaround them. This energy is like snowflakes floating to the ground. Highlyevolved people’s “energy-droplets” soak into the ground. For example, placeswhere people pray – become peaceful.

Each direction was associated with precise subtle feelings.Try it! Face North, South East and West, while paying attention to the tiniestfeelings that you can detect. There are subtle differences in feelings,although you must be quite intuitive to notice the sure-but-tiny variations. These“directional” energies feel different in a variety of locations. Applying thistechnique, helped ancient people select a balanced location to become a sacredspot.

When the perfect site was not found, secret techniques wereused to uplift the energy of an area. Ancient spiritual leaders faced eachdirection and spent many hours singing vowels sounds to balance the feeling ofeach direction. The sounds varied a bit with each culture, but theyexperimented to find a tone to bring harmony into the feeling they got fromeach direction. Below is one Native American Indian set of associations.

  • TheEast, Vowel sound: eeeee, felt like air and uplifted the spiritual body

  • TheSouth, Vowel sound: aye, felt like fire, and raised the energy of the emotionalbody

  • TheWest, Vowel sound: uuu, felt like water, enhanced the physical body

  • TheNorth, Vowel sound: ooo, felt like earth and brightened the mental body.

Ancient people were well versed in tiny subtleties. Amethod was needed to describe the gamut of tiny amounts of energies thatancient people felt. People divided all types of subtle energy into categoriesand compared each category to feelings of nature – they then called this “elementalenergy.” When this “elemental” energy was in balance, it benefitted anindividual in this location - as he also became balanced on body, mind andspirit levels.

Each culture used different elements to compare to the samefeeling. For example, one culture might compare a feeling to Earth and the nextgroup compared the same energy to wood. The energy did not vary, but theassociations that were used to describe it varied.

Another secret was to observe your feelings while on eachsquare foot of a property. Perhaps one area felt better than another. Crystalswere dug into the ground to lift any pockets or negative energy. Beautifulsongs were sung on the low energy spots.

Buildings or stones were aligned with magnetic energies ofnorth and sound – again to improve the “balanced” feeling of a location. Starpositions were copied in building placement – to resonate with a star systemand subtly download the energies of those stars. Nature shapes (sacredgeometry) were also copied in building design – to add the deep comfortingfeelings of Mother Earth. Masters converted sacred geometry to sounds. Somemusicians have done this today, such as in Mattson’s Paint Your Soul and Star DustCDs. Music and sound are most powerful tools in the creation of sacred space!

Ancient people sang their most uplifting songs to createsacred space. With prayerful intent and sound vibrations, strong doses of divineenergy entered the air and settled in the soil. Musical repetitions are necessaryas sound is subtle energy (tiny amounts of energy); each time a song is sung - onedrop of positive energy is added to the location. Singing continued until thearea was overflowing with uplifting energy. Rocks also slowly absorbed thesinging and intent, adding to the permanent healing capacities of the location –an ancient version of a free health care center.

Sacred Space is uplifting and transformative. You cancreate it in your location – uplifting not only yourself, but many others andthe Earth herself.



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