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You are What you Listen to!

Music makesyou feel –it interacts with your emotions. Everyone has snapped their fingersto a lively beat, and relaxed to the soothing sound of the ocean. Sound wavesinteract with our emotions, which are actually energy. Sound waves don’tisolate our emotions and ignore all the rest of the waves in our bodies. Soundwaves interact with all of the waves in close proximity. That is simply science!


Sound wavesinteract with your brain waves, physical body and the environment. This opensup a whole new way of looking at our world. It is already proven that sound canentrain our brain waves, going to alpha, beta, theta and delta. How significantis this?. At certain brainwaves, our bodies produce healthy chemicals andrepair our bodies. At other brain waves, one can quit smoking with greaterease. In short, controlling a population’s brain waves shapes their behavior.


We arevulnerable, if sound is used to control us without our knowledge, as it allowsus to be puppets. Sound can also be used as a weapon and can slowly make aperson sick. Sound can help or harm us. We must be aware of the power of sound= for our own good.


How aboutour physical health? Researcher Sharry Edwards demonstrated that if she playsthe frequency associated with the supplement, niacin, that the listener’s faceflushes = without taking the pill. This makes sense as we ingest sounds in ourears and skin. Perhaps-s sound interferes with neurotransmitters or othersignals in the body. Sound is invasive! With Sharry Edward’s free nanovoice.orgsoftware, a Fast Fourier Transformer breaks your voice into component pitches,letting you see how your voice’s component frequencies change after taking apill or eating. This strengthens the connection between what you eat andfrequencies in our body’s symphonies. We are aware that “we are what we eat,”but now we have a new window to approach health, as “We are what we listen to.”


One mightquestion why people haven’t noticed this phenomenon before. Sound waves usuallyare subtle energy, with tiny influences. We hear different sounds many of themcancel each other out. We have to be patient to see their effects and belooking for them. Think of running water on a rock. Of course the water runsoff and the rock remains the same. However after gazing at the Grand Canyon, itbecomes clear that the pliable water flow does change the rock = slowly butsurely the water creates carved mountains.  And so it is with the tiny waves of sound.Slowly, but continually they shape and mold us… the the relentless impact ofthe waves, Just like ocean waves smooth small pebbles into sand.


Jill Mattson’s books describe themany purposes of sound for practical advantage and her music used tonal patterns for targetedbenefits, opening up this new world for us!.  

Total Wellness through Sound!

Free Sound Healing mp3s for amazing results


   Discover a Multitude of Ancient& Modern Techniques using Sound Energy & Special Healing Frequencies toachieve Profound Benefits

    First Free Mp3 - Paintyour Soul CD  Songs from the PaintYour Soul CD contain the Fibonacci tones – created by a mathematicalpattern found in the stars, your body, flowers, beehives and more. Tune to thissacred geometry (transposed into music) that God used in creating our world.

Ancient people listened to the Solfeggio tones (in this track), to enhancespiritual enlightenment and uplift their souls. For example, the fifth tone isthe tone of DNA.

   Second FreeMp3 Star Dust CD – This selection from the Star Dust CD contains heavenly music with the sounds of the planets and traceelements of stars - converted into twinkling tones! Harmonize with the heavensand balance astrological energy.

   Third FreeMp3 Healing Flower Symphonies Vol. I and Vol. II – Listen to the literal sounds of flower energy,embedded in this delightful music! Clear negative emotional energy and buildpositive feelings! You can experience catharsis as you eliminate negative energy!

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