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Jill Mattson
from: Jill Mattson
Category: Sound Healing

The Secret Language of the Body

Sound: the Language of the Body

Nerves communicate information to the far reaches of the body through electrical impulses. Thomas Heimburg[1], a Copenhagen university,biology and physics researcher said, “The physical laws of thermodynamics tell us that electrical impulses must produce heat as they travel along the nerve,but experiments find no heat.”[2]  This made Heimburg question standard thinking about inter body communications through the nervous system.

Heimburg proposes that the nerves communicate information,but through sound waves. This controversial idea would explain how anesthesiology works – a mystery that has baffled scientists for years. Anesthetics change the melting point of nerve membranes so that they can’t propagate sound.Nerves are put on “stand by” and can’t report messages that the brain would interpret as pain.

John Beaulieu from BioSonics, links nerves and sound in an entirely new way. He believes that the high pitched, electrical ringing in one’s ears (a sound that comes and goes, not like tinnitus) is the sound of nerves communicating. By humming the sound heard in one’s ears, the sound can lesson or stop.

Sharry Edwards from BioAcoustics, believes this sound reflects communications within the body. Sound goes out the ears like a radio signal,broadcasting to the rest of the body. Therefore, the language of the body is numbers (of cycles of sound waves), expressed as frequencies or sounds. By observing body sounds Edwards discovered that when waves interact, the addition or subtraction representing wave cancellation or addition is impeccably accurate.In other words the processes that occur in the body (like digesting your food)operate like interacting sound waves. Further these numbers (sounds) can be correlated to chemicals and biological formulas within the body.

Edwards said, “Our ears create intrinsic sound waves (now scientific fact after I had been saying it since the 70's). These sounds emanate from the ear the interference patterns -created by the intermingling of sounds from outside the body. This causes us to assign meaning to what we are hearing.” Interpreting wave patterns could be related to cognition.

Our incredible intricate bodies utilize the power of sound using for communication and it uses wave interference interactions for body maintenance and operations. Our medical field is learning this wisdom. Now it uses sound for sonograms, tens units and to heal broken bones faster.  Sound, is right in front of our noses, yet we have barely scraped the surface of its secrets and mysteries. When we do, a whole new way of thinking will become evident – uplifting and tuning our world.


Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is a four - time author and widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing!   She has written four books and produced six CD's that combine intricate Sound Healing techniques with her original Award winning musical compositions (Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD of 2012 – Silver Award).  The CD's consist of intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques - with sound energy & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits. Also available on the sites are additional free mp3's of her Sound Healing compositions, including SolfeggioTones, Star Energy, Flower Frequencies, Fibonnaci and nature tones. Gallery and music at,,

[1] Thomas Heimburg and theoretical physicist Andrew Jackson – co authored this research study in the Biophysical Journal.

[2] Controversial Idea: Nerves Communicate Sound, Not Electricity, March 14, 2007,


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