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Jill Mattson
from: Jill Mattson
Category: Sound Healing

Who started the Rumor that Music was Mere Entertainment??

 In ancient times wise sages knew how soundtransformed us slowly but surely at every level, body, mind, emotions andspirit. They carefully selected a vibrational influence to be surrounded with,whereas today we deem music mere entertainment. Whoever started this rumormeant to harm and disempower the human species. With this idea, we areoblivious to the forces of sound – changing us in ways that we may not want.Without knowledge of the power of sound – we are sitting ducks to be controlledfor someone else’s selfish benefit. Not to mention, that sound and music, ifcarefully chosen, can bless on multidimensional ways!


Here are a few quotesthrough the ages, reflecting their ideas about the power of sound:

* Origin described hearing as a "readiness of the soultowards God". 

* "True inner hearing has not been perfected until one can hearthe sounds in a seed, in a leaf...When one unites with the'archetone', giving life to all forms, he unites with the cosmic music ofthe universe. Finally, one unites with the tone of his own directstar from whence he came".

* "It is not a fairy tale that the saints used to speak withthe trees and plants. You can speak with them today if you arein communication. Man has the same privilege today, if he realizes
that he is privileged". 

* "Upon the wings of sound, the way of higher evolutionis traveled".

* "At first only the light works, but when one goes deeperinto creation there is sound. When one is face to face with spirit,what is first expressed is the light or what one first responds to is
light; and what one responds to next, and what touches one deeper, issound".

* "While information and knowledge, the fruits of pursuing the light,provide relative peace and spiritual progress, they pale in comparison tothe higher God attributes of truth, love, wisdom and
freedom and power which the awakened Sound Current imbued within thesincere seeker of truth"...."These attributes are alivenedby bathing in the audible Life Stream".

* "Sound is a tremendous occult (meaning hidden) power. It is such astupendous force that the electricity generated by a million Niagara Fallscould never counteract even the smallest potentiality of sound whendirected by proper knowledge". 

* "For there is nothing in this world that can help onespiritually more than music. Meditation prepares, but music is the highestfor touching perfection". 

* "Since the difference between one dimension and another is its rateof vibration, the key to the transformation of the spirit lies within themusic".  

* "There is a time to rend and a time to sew, a time to keep silenceand a time to speak". 

* Pythagorus and Plato said that the nature of the soul is sound. 

* "The person who has found the keynote of his own voice, has found
the key of his own life". 


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