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Secrets of the Flow

                                                                The Secrets of the Flow

In a newborn baby, energy flows easily and unimpeded. The baby’s mind and emotions do not get stuck – no endless looping of negativity thinking. Its energy and sweet babblings are like the free, natural flow of a river.

Think of traffic going smoothly until there is a red light. Likewise in our lives,energy flows until a red light flashes - perhaps defined as a decision… such as we like the color red but not blue. Now energy slows down when we see the unfavorite color. Use of will stops the energy flow and makes a selection. We can decide we like this or that – without giving something a second chance. By remaining open and adopting a “wait and see attitude,” we allow the flow of the best possible options and improve our chances of recognizing them.

The natural flow of energy in nature does not hold on, but lets go. It does not insist on controlling everything. Remember Jesus, who said, “Thy will be done” (not my will).

Judgment and opinion stop the flow of energetic ju ju –dead in its tracks. Having an opinion seems so harmless, yet under this thin skin lays judgment. Opinions promote, “My idea is correct.  Others are wrong.” When nasty energy is concealed (like judgment), its deadly venom accumulates while no one is alerted.

Negative feelings block energy like a dam impounds water. We easily disregard the words of someone we dislike, but they can have great ideas. Even their criticism is “free consulting.” One with low moral values can also have brilliant ideas. Low values does not equate with stupidity. In fact, devious people are often clever!Negative judgments block solutions that parade in front of us.

At work whoever perceived they had the worst tasks got the most attention. As we sunk in our mire of self pity, a man with Down syndrome, Dave the janitor, beamed with pride. Dave had a more degrading job than anyone of us complained about, but he was grateful for it. He was happy and we were miserable, even with our better jobs and so called superior intelligence. If one had the opinion that the mentally retarded weren’t smart, Dave’s message was dismissed. If one was open, he could see the wisdom of Dave’s attitude – that rose far above many “intelligent”people’s thinking habits. Dave was the teacher in the room. Dave had always been our teacher, but we had to refrain from judgment and opinion to receive his wisdom. The master appears when the student is ready. And what makes one ready?? A willingness to receive and not judge ideas! A willingness to think differently than mainstream thought and not worry about what others think! With this openness, you may not accept all that you hear, but you are open to consider parts of it or even the attitude or motivation underneath it.

In a world of duality, everything has polar charges. Easily, we assign right or wrong to these energies, but rather the energy is like the positive and negative charges of a battery. We don’t judge the end of a battery to be right or wrong, yet it has polar opposites. We can observe something without creating “show stopping” negative energy. With an open mind, plentiful good ideas can rattle around our heads, ripe for the picking.

When we even subconsciously think something is wrong, we block information (perhaps containing healthy and creative juices) from entering our consciousness -without even knowing it. Personal transparency - speaking our true mind and expressing our deep feelings restores our healthy energy flows (the truth shall set us free).

Stress blocks the flow. Sublime music can undo this blockage. Other things as simple as relaxing your shoulders, help overcome this energy stopper.

Keeping secrets is another way to erode the flow of energy and trust. Hiding information causes a distortion in the flow of life. Even something as simple as talking out your secrets when no one is listening helps – get it out. “The truth sets you free.”

When I read antiquity, searching for clues about ancient music, I read the most unbelievable descriptions about healing with sound and music. I resisted the urge to wonder “what drug ancient people were taking” or that they were superstitious. By staying open I understood their different dimension of thinking; where many before me could not. Is this brilliance? No…. The key? Refraining from thinking the way we know things in the twenty-first century is the correct way. Staying open!

An excellent way to stop the blockage of creative energy is all around us. Special music is sublime – IT FLOWS. It helps us to flow as well. It mingles with and softens our decisions and negativity. It slowly smooths the currents and allows the free flow energy to resume. Now not all music does this. In fact some music creates energetic blocks – think of the sound track of a scary movie. The most impactful tool, smooth flowing music opens us up to greater possibilities and helps us ride the flow of universal energy!

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