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from: Tobias Kaye

Why A=432? The "Verdi Pitch"

Apparently A=432hz as a concert pitch is in tune with organic processes and brings us to more inner harmony than music set at the present international standard of A=440.

The standard was set in 1955 in spite of over 20,000 musicians petitioning the International Standards Organisation. The fact the a few American sociological institutes had related the higher pitch to crowd control and that Goebbels recommended it’s use may or may not be relevant. What is interesting is that A=432 produces middle C at 256 and lower Cs at 128, 64, and 32. going down below conscious hearing we get 16, 8, 4and 2.

Apparently the human cell vibrates at 2hz. How amazing is that? Is it a coincidence that we human beings have a bicameral mind, two lungs and a heart that beats with systole and diastole? That we have two circulations of the blood, one going to the outer worldly edge of body, muscle and skin, the other to our inner experience of the world, the air in our lungs?

If 2 is so important, if 2 cycles per second is the cell’s pulse who designed the second? Who set time at 24 hours etc. to produce a twice per second vibration of cell life? Is it a coincidence that 24 hours produces 12 clock hours of night and of day, 2 cycles again?

How is it that we have two experiences of music as we perform, we hear the music as it flows through us towards our hands and or breath that express, through the instrument what we hear, then we hear it again through our ears.

How should A=432 not be a better tuning pitch if it is in tune with this fundamental aspect of our nature?


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