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Tobias Kaye
from: Tobias Kaye
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Sound Conversations

People use Sounding Bowls in diverse ways Registered Music Therapists in care homes, working with dementia, Innovative Sound Therapists leading Sound-Journey's and Sound-Baths, Teachers of traditional singing techniques, healers in the Shamanic tradition and religious leaders are but a few
Determined to bring some of this to a wider audience, Tobias Kaye has started interviewing a variety of owners of Sounding Bowls about their work
Please see the first interview with Elyse Pomeranz, Tree-communicator, here:
The second interview with Michelle Nova, Bel-Canto singing teacher and colour/sound/voice healer here:
The third interview with Lee Ann Dzelzkalns, is in process and will be available on the same Vimeo channel soon.

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