Nitiraj Original Incense - Finally back in stock
from: Tobias Kaye

Sounding Bowls are an obvious instrument for inclusion in this list.

1. Their visual beauty draws people in.
2. Their tonal purity and resonance draws people in
3. Many Sounding Bowls have few strings, meaning even the musically timid can accompany others with confidence and enjoyment
4. Many Sounding Bowls have pentatonic tunings which makes music making easy, non threatening.
5. Sounding Bowls have a rich resonant response to the player’s own voice, this becomes a fascinating inducement to explore the sounds of the instrument itself. This is often experienced unconsciously and many people have found that clients that will not play another musical instrument will ask to, or reach out spontaneously to play a Sounding Bowl.
6. Open stringing makes them non complex and more inviting for the inexperienced.
7. All these reasons combine into a simple experience confirmed over and over again: People in a huge variety of extreme human experiences who may have found musical instruments difficult to approach have made a relationship with Sounding Bowls quickly easily and with profound results.

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