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Andrew Hodges
Category: Improvisation

Mastering Chaos - Do we really know how to be creative? -

How free are we to make things up as we go along? Or do we just follow the rules?

It would seem to me that there is a considerable correlation between the way we lead our lives and our distinctly human capacity to play and sing music together. I am particularly intrigued by musical improvisation and our capacity to be able to make great music just by 'making it up as we go along'. In many ways that's how our lives are lead although some of us might like to doubt this. After all, as individuals we wouldn't like to be thought of as being without a sense of direction or a plan. We have our rules, our plans, our goals, don't we?  We follow the rule of law, we comply with society's standards, and behave towards each other according to an agreed set of values and principles, don't we?

In music there are things we like and things we don't like. There are types of music which are very much 'now' and then other styles which are of the past.  Whatever our preferences are if you look underneath the bonnet so to speak you will find that almost all types of music which meet the market conform to a set of procedures.  We refer perhaps to the rules of harmony, to chord patterns and structures. For the most part we listen to the music and enjoy it. We don't think about the 'structure' or the conventions. But if the music doesn't comply you would soon notice it.  So the patterns and the processes are there even if you aren't really aware of them... read on

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