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Nina Chandler
Category: Voicework



Goodtechnique is the foundation for establishing safer singing. This isoften dismissed by amateur choirs and singers and whilst agreeingwith the underpinning philosophy that we can all sing given theopportunity, it is my sincere belief that some basic knowledge ofbreathing and vocal sound production will enable you - the singer toproduce a safer singing voice. In these days of COVID and theconfusion surrounding how it is spread (via air borne droplets)andgovernment guidelines governing in-person gatherings – it is easyto see how singing together has become a no-go area.

Ihave been studying voice and production during lock down and canoffer some tips & techniques to help ease you into getting backto rehearsals and performing.

Contactme – Singing Hinnie on 0787 9260118 to book a half - hour slot.Cost £20. Less for block of five booked in advance.

Zoominvite will be sent once payment received.

singsing together , merrily merrily sing”

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