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Carmel Reid
from: Carmel Reid
Category: Voicework

Clearing Emotions

Sound Healing is widely known for being linked to drums, singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, and other paraphernalia, but is it possible that we are ignoring the most obvious source of sound, the human voice?  And I mean speaking, not singing. We can have the most beautiful singing voice, which feels lovely, but when we speak, we can be emanating an energy that is harming.  For example, when we are ‘on edge’ or anxious about something, our voice can carry a harshness that grates on sensitive ears, and yet, when we are fully connected to our innermost hearts and speaking gently, our voices can carry a resonance that is a healing sound. We need to be aware of exactly what energetic state we are in ourselves before speaking to others, so that we don’t impose. In a way, whatever we do in life, we can be a Sound Healing practitioner, because we are speaking with people every day.  Just imagine how the world would feel if we all made sure we were clear of emotions before we spoke?

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