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Trixi Field
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Raising voices - for confidence, wellbeing and fun

Singing – especially in social contexts such as a choir orvoice workshop – is excellent for boosting the immune system.  What’s more, the health benefits are notaffected by how good or bad we might think we are – it’s a case of “Just DoIt!”


Yet I have come across many people who dislike the sound oftheir own voices. They wince at the sound of themselves on answering machines.They squirm at their own singing voice. They positively writhe at the thoughtof singing in front of anyone.


Such an aversion to our own sound can have negativeimplications in so many areas of life and work: it can affect how we givepresentations or talks, use the phone, teach; it can prevent us doing things wemight secretly crave to do: join a choir, take up the mic on a karaoke evening,lullaby our baby, even sing out loud around the house for the sheer joy of it.We fear judgement from whoever may be listening (or perhaps even from some X-factor-typeauthority in our head).


Ironically, many vocal problems stem from a lack ofconfidence in the first place.  Lack ofconfidence often leads to slouching, shallow breathing from the chest andmumbling, causing the very thing we fear – hampered voice production. This, inturn, affects confidence and thus we create a vicious circle.


The good news is: you can improve what you’ve got.  Careful, empathic coaching can help youchange your habits for the better. You can learn to stand or sit better,relaxed but with poise, breathing energy into your sound; you can train yourear; you can develop range, resonance, better understanding of how the larynx(voice box) works, resulting in a effortless vocal use. 


Moreover, singing together with other people has been shown,in a number of studies, to have added benefits not only for the immune andrespiratory systems, but also for mood & energy, for enhancing relaxationand endorphin production (the hormones that trigger a positive feeling in thebody, particularly after exercise).


It’s a great excuse to limber up your larynx for Christmasand enjoy bashing out those seasonal carols with impunity

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