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Narayana Grace
Category: Voicework

Singers, heal thyselves!

Singers, heal thyselves!

Energetically we are all beings of vibration. The voice gives us a chance to vibrate ourselves and others into a more balanced and harmonious state. During my Aura-Soma colour therapy training and in my subsequent work with clients, I learned that we are instinctively drawn to the colour vibrations we need at any given time. Once a person’s key colours are selected, it is then a matter of interpretation to uncover what the colours are saying. The good news is that colour works on many different levels, so whilst we are becoming conscious of the lessons it may hold for our current situation in life, colour is also affecting us and healing us on deeper levels.


I believe that sound works in much the same way. If we prepared ourselves in what I like to call a ‘Zen moment’ with a call to our higher intelligence to connect to our voice, then perhaps we could trust that this note, this key beginning from within, is our first needed healing sound. Much like how we are instinctively drawn to colour, I believe our voices can be instinctively drawn to make the sounds we need. However, if we are unable to make that sound due to the lack of vocal ability, training or through some kind of emotional, physical or psychological block, then that’s where colour can assist. I use coloured light and aroma to help a person’s voice open to new possibilities.


Sound has the most powerful impact with duration, so it stands to reason that a singer intent on using their voice to balance and heal needs to develop a certain amount of technique and control over their voice and breathing technique to make this sound with ease. Good vocal fitness and stamina are needed for the ability to stay for a long time on the pitch desired. The tanpura drone of Indian classical music, the chanting of monks, the whistling of Mongolian overtone singing or the repetitive chant of a Sanskrit mantra all testify to the idea of the spiritual and healing significance of sound with duration. So, as much as it feels great to chant a mantra I think that many people are unable to go as deeply into the experience as they could do if they learnt how to relax and find their ultimate vocal ease. Most of us are taught that singing takes effort and end up trying too hard, or making a big thing about breathing. It does, in fact take energy to sing correctly, especially if you are looking for good resonance and healing harmonics in the voice. However, the paradox is that when you get it right, it looks effortless and feels deceptively easier than before.


I like to teach people how to really use their voices well. With technique comes freedom. Everything in balance. It is no good to have fantastic technique and no soul. I would much rather hear a heartfelt untrained voice than a perfectly controlled technical voice. The best results come, I believe, from working simultaneously on technique, on creative expression through improvisation, through body awareness, meditation and relaxation, and through letting go and having fun.


Love, Light and Rainbows.



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