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Chloë Goodchild
Category: Voicework

Living Presence - A Community of Sound

An Online Ongoing Membership

We invite you to co-create this sonorous, pioneering, collaborative, deep listening field: Living Presence – A Community of Sound. Living Presence is an experiential laboratory for new sound research, providing a new focus on the medicinal nature and power of the human voice to heal the heart and soul. Monthly subscriptions are available, so participants can join this ongoing membership at any time.

We meet online the first Wednesday of every month, 6-8pm BST.

"Having enjoyed sharing the transformative practices of the human voice for many years, supported by deep non-judgmental listening, energy movement, and the spoken, silent and sung language of the soul; I am now looking forward to evolving a totally new depth of self-discovery and expression. In 2021, we catalysed the resonance of this work with the ancient Greek musical modes. And now, we are ready to begin." - Chloe Goodchild

An Ongoing Membership of Living Presence

What you will get:

·      A 2-hour open session with Chloe every first Wednesday of the month

·      Access to the recording is viewable thereafter

·      Access to the Living Presence Musical Modes course material

·      A living, breathing, digital community space using Mighty Networks – bringing all areas of the globe to the field

·      Exclusive,private, advanced access to in-person Hawkwood Retreat’s with Chloe: you will be the first to know!

·      Invitation to Living Presence pop-up events

·      A portal through which the community can share talent, insight and offerings with utmost transparency and honesty

·      Creative and collaborative input into the platform and how it serves the community

·      An opportunity to bring your full presence into the field as it shapes, grows, and glows!

·      Chloe! She will read and view your posts weekly and interact as spirit guides her

Additional Bonus Access

All members will have viewable access to the course material from the first year of study, including a great wealth of video, audio and reading material. This is exceptional wisdom& members are invited to explore this work at their own pace, in the natural flow of the membership.

You may ask ‘Do I need to be “musical” to explore these grounds?’. Not in the conventional sense. Be willing to explore the emotions of your soul in pioneering new ways. As musical modes, or sonic pathways rather than emotional ‘moods’. The ‘sound codes’ whose vibrational patterns open up the music of your soul, empower you to express your true feelings more consciously, transforming them into the sounds & songs of your soul.

This musical process – from moods into modes – is largely unexplored, yet in all my experiential research, there is no question how your vocal moods can become homeopathic medicine in alleviating so many things. Such as: negativity, isolation, fear and suffering, liberating old narratives, healing old wounds, and revealing your true voice.


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