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Nina Chandler
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Singing is one of the ultimate “be here now” activities and sound is the first sense we develop in the womb, says world renowned baby doctor Prof Sir Robert Winston.  Hearing our mother’s heart beat is a soothing and resonating presence for us as we develop and prepare for birth.

“Singing Away Stress”

Breathing for singing, developing the listening skills required for proficiency and becoming “in tune” with others is a complete mind/body activity and a remarkable stress management tool.  The benefits of singing are now being given academic credibility by the Sidney de Haan Institute at Christ church College, The University of Canterbury.

In Western cultures we have mostly lost touch with our singing heritage although there are signs of a revival in the UK with the recently developed Folk Degree at the University of Newcastle and the re-introduction of singing into primary schools by the national organisation “Sing Up”, plus individual Kodaly practitioners and freelance teachers.

SingAwayStress™ director Nina Chandler has been teaching and running Find Your Voice workshops since the mid 1980’s and early in 1990 was introduced to the three part harmony singing tradition of Georgia (from the Caucasus region) by two of its finest exponents, Edisher Garakanidze – ethnomusicologist, and Prof Josef Jordania from the Tbilisi Conservatoire.

The thrilling sound of these unusual harmonies had such a profound effect on her “reaching into my heart and soul in a way no other singing has done now or since ”that she went on to bring teachers and folk ensembles to perform and teach Georgian songs for ten years in Bristol. She now sings in the performance trio KVIRIA, who received a rapturous reception at Cheltenham’s first Poetry Festival in April 2011.

Introduction to Georgian Singing workshops: - are held throughout the year – check for dates at or

In addition Nina holds a monthly Healing Harmony Circle, in Cheltenham, using chants and songs from different spiritual traditions.  

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