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Chris James
from: Chris James
Category: Voicework

Preview of "Walk With Your Heart"


“This album was made possible by a great collaboration. From the first
writing of the songs to the completion of the recording was a three-year
process, in which, through the guidance of Serge, and by my own re-
connection to my inner heart, this joy-full collection of songs can be
presented in the truest of energetic qualities”.. …Chris James

Our work is expressed with Soul-full love in representation of God and
Christ. Under this impress, the music is written and recorded” . …. Serge






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Reviews of ‘Walk with your Heart’

Listening to this album in conscious presence, I felt completely held and
supported by Love. I could feel the energy of the music and sound surge through
my body, particularly during the track ‘Walk with your Heart’ and then as the love
flowed more I felt old energies leaving me so I was left feeling clear and light and
joyful. What a beautiful gift from Chris and Serge. Thank you. Sandra V.

Listening to the songs I felt my heart open up, my whole being fill with joy and
the glory of who I am. I felt an enormous amount of love, support and healing
pour out of the music and I heard an invitation from my Soul to stand in my
fullness, play my part and be counted. Thank you for this beautiful gift. Golnez

This is a collection of songs and music that takes you on a journey to your
innermost self. Cascading harmonies of angelic sounds that vibrate in every cell
of your body, awakening long-forgotten memories of who we truly are. Listen to
this album and experience…….yourself. With love Carmel.

It is tenderness, peacefulness, joy and happiness in one delightful earful. Your
heart surrenders unconditionally. Walk with your Heart. Anesse Harbech
Olesen. Anthar, Denmark.

An album that supports and inspires to claim oneself deeper, to live in truth and
express from the heart. It also inspires purpose for life’s work. Rachel Murtagh

Awesome album – I released a lot of rubbish from my system. I felt the
connection with my inner heart and felt the fire build in my lungs and heart.
Beautiful harmonies. Such power in the gentleness. I felt the stillness beneath the
beautiful melodies. Thank you Chris and Serge. With love Sue.

I felt bathed in Love, opening me to the core, awakening my Soul. The sounds are
exquisitely beautiful and the words profoundly moving. Whatever I write feels a
flat inadequate understatement to the depth and breadth of the experience. Karen

A magical unfolding journey inside myself, exploring and re-connecting to parts
long-forgotten. Re-awakening and expanding, releasing energy blocks and freeing
up to listen and feel from the fullness of my inner heart. A loving reminder
of myself and my purpose in the world, inspired so gently within the beautiful
sounds and sense of oneness with all. Shirley-Ann.

A heart felt sound of true grace and harmony. A joy to the ears of my heart.

A joy to listen to, wonderfully musical, ‘reaches the parts that other albums can’t
reach’! Pure joy; a delightful journey. Richard.

Listening to ‘Walk with your Heart’ was a walk on the heartful side. Not a single

note was surplus nor out of place. Each played and sung with Chris’s full beauty.
It was truly magical to experience a sound so powerful and strong without feeling
overcome. I felt met by the music. It was really touching to experience the result
of Chris’s journey of unfolding to date. I am inspired by what can be done by
simply living the wisdom of our innermost. Jinya.

Chris’s music on ‘Walk with your Heart’ is unlike any music I’ve experienced
before. It‘s like being held by angels. It’s like every word is written and sounded
to awaken something in you and with that it feels like your whole body starts to
prepare itself for a new way of being. It was like being called back to yourself
and I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a strong call to fire. Thank you Chris. Love

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