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Jill Purce
from: Jill Purce
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The new scientific research, by psychologists Matthew A. Killingsworth and Daniel T. Gilbert of Harvard University, published in the November issue of Science has found that people spend 46.9% of their waking hours "being somewhere else". (It must be more.) They tell us “Many philosophical and religious traditions teach that happiness is to be found by living in the moment,  and practitioners are trained to resist mind wandering and to ‘be here now' . “These traditions suggest that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.”

On January 2nd 2011 The Observer headlines tell us "Slow downand inhabit the now: Britain enjoys a meditation boom." and goes on to tell us that "Mindfulness" practice is now all the rage - however in the same article, we are sadly warned by Florian Ruths of the Maudsley who has adopted this for his patients, that this should be kept to clinical settings. This seems to be another attempt to hijack what practitioners have known for thousands of years, but this time to replace the Bodhi tree with a laboratory or hospital for our own health and safety.

When I started teaching The Healing Voice as a meditation practice in the West 40 years ago- I found Buddhist Sutras told us how the Buddha advised his Bodhisattvas, after hearing all the stories of their enlightenment, that the easiest way for people to meditate (to be present) was through sound and hearing. This is what I have propagated over the years with the voice and what has given rise to a burgeoning of sound practices in the West.  I long ago found that this was not only the easiest way to be present, but relieved chronic depression, made people happy. We know this reduces cortisol, boosts the immune system and floods our brains with bliss inducing chemicals. Sound and music have always been used to make people happy - its hard to be unhappy even as you sing a sad song.            

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