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Super Sonic Summer Solstice Mantra Gift

Super Sonic Summer Solstice

As we celebrate the longest, brightest days, take a moment to connect with your biggest, boldest vision for your life - what would it look like for you to be operating at your brightest? How would it be for you to be totally expressed in the world?  What would it take? What would you need to give up and/or amplify?


This month we look at Tips for Busting Fears about Singing and Speaking and work with our Mantra of the Month, the Gayatri Mantra - to expand our luminescence in the world and experience a truly Super Sonic Summer Solstice.


? Tips from the Voice Garden - Grow Your Natural Voice


5 Steps to Busting Fears About Singing and Speaking

1. Make it About Them

Turning the spotlight off ourselves and onto our audience helps us remember that singing is actually a service, a communication and a transmission of energy.  It takes the self-consciousness away when we get clear about what it is we want to give.  We let go of being concerned about what sort of reception we will get and focus on gifting our audience with our committed, loving presence.


2. Tune Your Instrument

Just like any other instrument there are immediate physical actions you can take to make yourself fit to sing - breathing deeply being the first and foremost - which when done with intention will dissolve the biggest waves of fear.  Taking our attention to the breath allows us to Tune In to Deeper Listening FM - to the part of us that is Attuned to stillness and observation.  The witness within can watch the fearful part of us throwing a hissy fit with compassion and say ‘there now, it’s all ok’ -  all whilst taking one simple long deep breath.


3. De-clutter your Psyche

This means getting on the marigolds and cleaning out all your psychic cupboards and having a dance with all the old skeletons.  When we listen to the stories that are still humming within the very bones of us - ancestral, personal, collective tales - we can befriend them and start singing a new song.  Part of my journey involved making peace with the cripplingly shy part of me that I inherited from generations of very quiet people on one side of my family.  As I befriended and came to love the strength of silence, she began singing to me.


4. Transfer your strengths

Recall a time when you overcame a challenge nobly - the last time you helped a friend in trouble, saved a cat up a tree, climbed a mountain, ran a marathon, washed the dishes in record time.  Just thinking about it will make you feel strong and that that same energy, passion, determination and courage can be immediately recalled and applied in the moment of singing.  One lesson, at a time in my life where I was really enjoying giving Reiki treatments, my singing teacher said to me ‘sing as if you are giving Reiki.’  It completely transformed my singing because I could immediately align myself with powerful, calming energy and my positive experiences of Reiki and transfer it to my singing.


5. Sing everyday

Voice Gym is more fun than treadmills - you get to enjoy yourself and burn off calories singing your favourite songs. Choose a favourite song, mantra, chant, nursery rhyme, jingle and commit to singing it everyday, every which way and where you want to.


Ready to bust through some blocks to singing and speaking freely?

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? Mantra of the Month - Gayatri Mantra - click here for gift MP3

Ohm Bhu Bhur Bhyavassavah

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Deemahi

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat

We meditate on the glory of the divine light, illuminating the physical, mental, and spiritual worlds -  by our meditations may the beautiful, life enhancing light of creation enlighten, encourage and guide us.


This MP3 is 12 repetitions of the mantra. If you wish to sing 108 repetitions loop it 9 times! :)


Meditation - can be done whilst sunbathing! :)  - align yourself with the solar energies of solstice by visualising a huge ball of golden sunshine in your solar plexus.  Reclaim your power from any situation, person or place you have given it away by imagining it returning to you in streams of pure golden energy.  Chant Om or any chosen solar powered mantra to whilst imagining a wonderful symbol of your choice sealing your solar plexus with golden light.


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Find your musical mojo with a medicinal mantra session.

Mantra - means a tool of the mind in Sanskrit - and there are mantras to help us address every known issue in life - relationships, money, abundance, health.

Drawing on many years experience of working with chant and mantra from global traditions, I will help you find the perfect mantra prescription to support you for the next 21 days.  No previous experience of singing or chanting required.

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