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Lyz Cooper
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Using Your Voice to Transform Your Life

Using Your Voice to TransformYour Life


VOCAL music promotes health. It accomplishes this object, directly, by the exercise which it gives the lungs and other vital organs; and, indirectly, by the cheerfulness and genial flow of spirits which it is the especial prerogative of music to bestow.

GF Root - The Musical herald, 1884


I came across the above quote when I was thinking about writing this post. Written in 1884, Root refers to the healing power of the voice – in this case both physically and emotionally.  Fast forward almost 135 years and we now know more than ever before about the healing potential of the human voice.

Sound and voice therapy are in the midst of a boom – there is now so much interest in this subject area that I struggle to keep up with all of the enquiries coming in! Not just for the professional training courses we run, but also for information and advice as to how people can transform their lives with sound.  Many people want to start working with therapeutic sound but with all the wonderful instruments out there they don’t know where to start. What better way to start than with the voice – it is something that we use every day and one of the most powerful sound therapy instruments we have.  In my latest blog post I aim to address why the voice is so powerful and offer a few ways that you can use your voice for improving health and wellbeing. Please click on the link below (which opens in a new window) to find out more.

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