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Chloë Goodchild
Category: Voicework

Sound Evolution

Sound Evolution - Our New Website
This Autumn season heralds a transition for The Naked Voice to a new cycle of life. We are presently in the final stages of creating our forthcoming website to be called Sound Evolution - Sounding a New World into Being.  This new website literally will do and be what it says. Sound Evolution will provide and online meeting ground for all those wishing to participate in the evolution of consciousness through the transforming power of voice, song and sound leadership. It is a response to the ever-expanding field of voice and sound, that is awakening the hearts and minds of a much wider global audience. I am beginning to call them 'sound evolutionaries', people who are courageously speaking and singing out their truth in the face of the challenges of the local and international world scene. Thousands of people every week are literally tuning-in to a deeper reality and longing, for emotional honesty, peace, unity, conscious leadership etc. The essential power of shared sound, silence and song is the most effective way to revolutionise and harness this new consciousness, both at an individual, local and global level. The Naked Voice and it's Charitable Foundation will maintain a central place. It will still play a significant role within this new Sound Evolution website. The NV methodology, workshops and trainings will continue to provide the core teachings and practices, available and accessible to everyone wishing to empower their own lives with their own authentic voice. "Turn me into song!" exclaims the poet.

Sound Evolution will provide a new and more direct online interaction - with supportive skills and tools -  for conscious communication. It will also bring simple, affordable, and effective ways to consciously navigate the inner-outer struggles of modern existence. Instructional downloads, films, books, manuals and music inspired by Chloe's teachings, will be immediately available, as never before, for newcomers, committed practitioners and researchers in this evolving field of sound awareness. We call this field a "singing field" which is, an evolutionary field of shared presence, inspired by our world anthem Singing Field.  You can also continue to buy all Chloe's music online, to encourage and strengthen your daily vocalising, alone and with your friends.

These sound and vocal practices - spoken, silent and sung - will be designed for easy access and integration into your homes, offices, schools and workplaces. Even though we will encourage you to continue attending live events, you will no longer have to participate in an actual workshop to gain access to this ground-breaking and pioneering work.  Sound Evolution also welcomes new collaborators onto our new Sound Evolution Team, such as Malcolm Lewis. Malcolm is a financial advisor with a difference. Director of Strategic Value Partners, and advisor to Richard Barrett, Founder of the Seven Levels of Organisational Consciousness, Malcolm calls himself a "corporate wizard". He and I will be introducing our facilitators, committed practitioners, corporate groups and organisations to new more conscious ways of integrating our seven principles of sound into the workplace. We will be evolving such new concepts as sound leadership, sound values, sound consciousness and finding our collective voice. We are delighted that Schumacher College will be hosting a weekend course, celebrating this new sound research called "Sound Leadership - Finding our Collective Voice" on April 20-22nd 2012, to which everyone is welcome. 

October - December Naked Voice Workshops with Chloe
Come and join us at our November and December workshops, where Chloe will be bringing the Naked Voice into new geographic locations for the first time e.g. in Dartington and Forest Row, Sussex. In December Chloe is exploring inspiring new ground with voicework, sound and collaborating with international flautist, and sound healer, Tim Wheater.

STOP PRESS: The Naked Voice Spring Equinox 2012 Retreat
Can we also remind you that you can still take advantage of our second and final earlybird offer for our Naked Voice Spring Equinox 2012 Retreat. Pay in full by 21st December and you can receive a £75 discount. We are thrilled that the Spring Retreat has already received a very positive response. Please keep telling your friends and don't miss this annual opportunity to experience the transforming power of your naked voice and sound.  For more information and booking details on this retreat please click here.
May Love's deep sound resonate through your whole body and soul this Autumn.

Be very well and looking forward to singing with you soon


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