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Katie Rose
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Vocal Revolution Zoomcast Ep 8 - The Voice of Loss with Steph Turner

Vocal Revolution Zoomcast
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Vocal Revolution - Episode 8 - The Voice of Loss with Steph Turner, Creative Facilitator

Release date: 30th April 2021

The Voice of Loss - Steph shares her reflections on how sharing and expressing our grief and loss creatively can be transformative.

Steph Turner is a creative facilitator based in the South West and co-director of The Loss Project, who connect people through the experience of grief, loss and trauma via workshops, training, consultancy. 

Steph has worked with communities, groups and organisations across the UK running creative workshops to explore different aspects of life, wellbeing and community on a freelance basis since 2019. Previously, she worked in a range of different health, social care and charity settings centring around connecting with communities including the NHS, St Christopher's Hospice and GoodGym, running community-based projects from a local to national level. She trained as a ceramicist at Central St Martin's College of Art and Design and loves supporting others to nurture and grow their own innate creativity.

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