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Amazing Animal Awareness

“Remember the bigger picture” a little dog told me in my work as an animal communicator and human empowerment coach. I never cease to be amazed at the surprising sources that the most profound wisdom can come from. I am humbled by the commitment and willingness of the animal kingdom to help get humankind back on track in working together to respect and honour ourselves and mother earth. The biggest message is about re-empowerment and unity, reconnecting with all that is. When I met the incredible white lions in South Africa, they told me that humankind must be ‘lion hearted’ in our endeavours to step up to the plate to start working with the animal kingdom to help them, help us to heal our planet. We have to unify and listen to nature’s messages if we are to have any future.

The strangest encounter and messages I have recently received were from what I thought to be a badger coming into my house through my cat flap! However this turned out to be a raccoon-not indigenous to the UK at all, so even more extraordinary that he should find his way into my home and even more startling were the messages that he proceeded to ‘download’ telepathically, to me. He talked about the dangers and huge disrespect of Fracking and the greed of the draining of earth’s life force by the oil industries. He also talked about the healing frequency of 2.9 megahertz that could have a hugely beneficial effect on us. This I have found can be emanated from Humpback whales! I have to admit that I was blown away that a wild animal sitting in my kitchen would know this! We can intuit these ‘messages’ in a number of ways, either as pictures or video like images that pop into our minds, or a stream of thoughts that seem to come from outside of us. Or even physical sensations. Some of the information the racoon gave me was so advanced, concerning Quantum Physics and Cosmology! I would scribble it down, not understanding or even knowing how to spell some of the words he was ‘sending’ me, but later found to make sense when I researched them!

I have been lucky enough to have the most incredible encounters with many wild creatures and some of the largest on our beautiful planet, each one having its own special message for us. Making eye to eye contact as I swam with a sperm whale- the largest toothed and biggest brained mammal was awe inspiring. Being in the ocean with nearly 300 whale sharks was something I shall never forget. Or the benevolent beauty of a huge giant manta, as her huge dark wings ‘flew’ through the water. Also learning the lesson of joy from a super pod of spinner dolphins dashing and frolicking all around me in the Red Sea. All these magnificent creatures have taught me so much about never underestimating the extent of awareness and wisdom within the animal kingdom. I met a beautiful elephant in India, who taught me about patience and acceptance, when she herself led a very harsh life carrying tourists up a long hill to the city palace in Jaipur day in, day out.

However our own domestic pets and farm animals can be just as knowledgeable! Horses have taught me many healing techniques with my human clients and indeed there are many Equine Assisted therapy centers springing up now around the world. It has been well documented how dogs can anticipate the onset of an epileptic fit or heart attack. So many patients benefit from the calming effects of being in the company of therapy dogs. They are so in tune with our physical and emotional needs –surely we owe it to them to listen to their guidance and ensure that their needs are better met, both in the home and in wild natural habitats? Even a house fly ‘told’ me I should love myself more, and having got over my initial shock, a cockroach mentioned that I should believe in myself! Many humans seem to be under the impression that we are a superior species and that the animal kingdom is for us to use as we choose. From my interactions, I feel it is us who have much to learn from nature about balance, harmony and protecting and preserving our environment.

Many of the encounters have led me to receive incredibly healing meditations for us, which with the collaboration of wonderful musicians and sound healers; I have created CDs incorporating these beautiful messages, from Whales, dolphins, Lions, and nature realms etc… My CDs include “Whale Whispers, Lion Roars a journey to empowerment”, “Fearless Earth meditations for Gaia” and just recently recorded “Whale Hearts and Dragon Flight Gifts from the Guardians of Gaia” published by Findhorn Press. Listeners have reported hugely transformative experiences and great pain relief, whilst listening to these CDs.

All the wild species that I have encountered seem to have such a powerful connection to the rhythms of nature, which many of us humans have become disconnected to. If we can allow ourselves the space in our hearts and minds to become aware of the vital information animals can give us, we will unify and go forwards in this incredible opportunity to create our heaven on earth, but the animals hold the key! From the humble house fly to the humpback whale, they all have a message for us to learn from.

The whales wanted me to share this with you ; "We beseech you to remember our messages of love that we spread through the oceans. Please help us by singing our song of love. Fear and negativity, destroys the heart of the planet quicker than any pollutant-in fact it is an emotional pollutant that we struggle to overcome. So join us with the vibration of love and peace that you can sing out in harmony with us. This is our greatest, most powerful strategy, but we need your help. As you raise the vibration of positive energy, you work with us to raise the vibration of the whole. We connect with the whole whale collective, where every cetacean species holds that message of love for the planet." Blessings and peace from the Whale Consciousness.”

Madeleine Walker works as an animal communicator, horse and rider trauma consultant and human empowerment coach. She travels to many different continents, connecting with wild species, intuiting their healing messages and recording their sounds. She is the author of “An Exchange of Love”, “The Whale Whisperer”, “Your Pets past Lives and how they can heal you” and collaborated on the No.1 best seller “Dolphins and Whales Forever” and her new divination card set “Animal Whispers Empowerment cards”. She facilitates retreats and courses, lecturing internationally, but is based in the beautiful county of Somerset in the UK. Her website is


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