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Katie Rose
from: Katie Rose
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The Voice of Purpose

The Voice of Purpose

How do we make plans and goals for the New Year, without them falling by the wayside? Connecting goals with our broader sense of purpose in life ensures that they are authentically aligned with what we truly want to do and share in the world. 

I was recently invited to teach a Marketing Module to the wonderful therapists at the
Holistic Healing College.  This was at first a little surprising for me, but as I researched and delivered the module it became clear that it was about empowering the therapists to feel confident to voice their purpose in the world.  

Purpose Communicates Worth
I’ve never felt comfortable blowing my own trumpet and when I first started out on the self employment road some 14 years ago, the idea of marketing was completely alien to me.  What I did however have was a innate, compelling sense of the immeasurable worth that transformational sounding brings to individuals, communities and the whole world. Trumpeting happily about that has brought me immense joy and continually brings me into connection with so many amazing people.  When we communicate about our purpose with enthusiasm, we naturally start connecting, collaborating and sharing worth with others.

Purpose Listens
Staying aligned to purpose requires a creative form of listening for hunches, prompts, connections, ideas, insights and guidance.  Whether it’s a piece of advice from a friend, a musical phrase floating on the breeze or a crucial disclosure from a client, I am always listening for the purpose within what comes towards me and discerning what I need to take from it.

Purpose Serves Up
Purpose is like a huge, generous host at a massive banquet - it sets up a space for things to happen and brings us into service to one another - and also self-service! :) Whether we are serving up tea and sympathy for a friend, planning a workshop or throwing a party, purpose is present in all the details.  As much as I love modern technology, I find it helpful to regularly remind myself of value of the old-fashioned sense of ‘good service’ - which for me means helping clients/colleagues/friends/family with grace and good manners.

Purpose Has Power
Purpose gives us the courage to go out and make our contribution in the world.  Whether its singing with teens with SEN around a fire, giving concert performances or mass soundbaths in festival fields, purpose gets me out on the road.  Staying tuned to my raison d’etre gives me strength me to communicate, navigate and negotiate at whatever comes up along the way.

Purpose Pays The Bills
Purpose stirs us into taking action in all areas of our life, including our financial awareness.  Many therapists and artists have a discomfort around creating business/financial processes around the manifestation of their purpose.  There can be a sense that a beautiful, heartfelt, creative, spiritual vision may be sullied by becoming commercial.  Whereas in truth, the process of grounding purpose is what gives it roots, reality, embodiment, authenticity, expansion and abundant possibility.

Wishing you the glorious voicing of your purpose in the world

Tips for Voicing Your Purpose
* Listen - take quiet time with yourself and listen for what your sense of purpose has to say
* Worth - list 10 things about following your purpose that bring benefits to others
* Service - list 3 words about your own unique style of service
* Power - list 3 things you are challenged about and brainstorm ways to resolve them
* Bills - take at least 3 positive purposeful actions around your finances - ie make a charity donation, finish your tax return, reorganise your accounting system.

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