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Katie Rose
from: Katie Rose
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Love is at the Root of Everything

May Blog - Love is the Root of Everything

I was reminded recently that there is a funky bassline playing along underneath even the most twisted and seemingly off-key tunes in life, that love is the root of everything.  This insight emerged whilst reflecting on the nature of relationship and seeing that beneath all the behaviour patterns that are played out, love is always there, still singing quietly in the background.  Listening for that deeper sound, beneath all the hubble, bubble, toil and trouble requires a concentrated effort, but it is there nonetheless.

With the Royal Wedding closely followed by the death of Bin Laden, once again the bejewelled West looks in the mirror of the Middle East and murders its own reflection.  A beautiful celebration of love followed by a morbid fascination with a murder.  Seemingly polarised, as love and hate, yet not really so different.  Two influential households, each with their own ancestral patterns, stories and ghosts, there is really only a short distance of sand and water between them. It’s only the costumes and camera angles that make them seem worlds apart. It might have been Bin Laden’s daughter kissing the Prince, or Dodi marrying Diana whilst the Bushes and Bin Ladens clinked cocktail glasses, had the dice rolled another way.   The relationships that form the basis of the eschelons of power are not so different to those you and I might form, and are subject to the same twists and turns.  The world looks on through the distorted media mirror as these relationships play out, sometimes with horrific consequences - when two leaders have a spat, everyone gets to know about it.

When we return to our basic human parity, we find that the lines of difference dissolve and the love is there underneath humming away.   So if love is the root why does the route there get so congested?  

One thing that seems to create an enormous amount of noisy traffic is the need to be right.  In order to be right, something has to be wrong, and this creates the need for scapegoats, terrorists and villains.  Cultures, societies, religions, individuals all create complicated codes about what is deemed correct.  When we live within a certain National Grid of conditioning, it immediately filters our vision and wires up our vibration to a matrix of cultural messages about what is right or wrong.  Some of these may be helpful and some inhibiting.  It is only by returning to our own inner navigation systems that we can work out which is which and begin to function authentically.  When we unplug ourselves from our constructs, we are more able to perceive others for who and what they really are.

I’ve been reflecting on how relationship patterns can (d)evolve into repetitive stuck grooves and how it takes much courage and conviction it takes to start singing a different song.  Yet with a simple shift of stance, a nerve jangling tune can dance into something quite delightful.  It is of course the unconscious grooves that are so often running the rhythm of our life-tunes, but if we take a moment to get down and get groovy in the basement of our being, things get shifted and what was dragging along inexorably suddenly gets going into a roof raising, toe tapping tune.  

There are numerous ancestral hand-me-downs that each of us inherit, which mean that we can be walking around wearing a ghost’s wardrobe, singing a song that was written long ago. Reclaiming our ancestry, no matter how tangled, can help us make sense of the patterns at work in our lives.  In my family there are stories of frustrated artists and mental illness.  For me, part of healing my heritage has been preserving my connection to my creativity, regardless of whether I am deemed ‘successful’ by the outside world or not.  Singing has saved me, many a time, from going mad and I now work with people who find that reclaiming their voice brings them sustenance on many levels, including those with mental health issues.

When we lovingly release ourselves and those in our lives - lovers, parents, friends - from our stories, we are more able to see each other clearly and move towards new models of relating.  When we realise that our patterns are not actually true reflections of who we really are, just a set of roles and costumes we have identified ourselves with, we are liberated to sing new songs and write new stories in the life theatre.

It can be a major breakthrough to realise that those who are our greatest challenge in life are often those that do us the greatest service.  They come in to shake and awaken us, to prompt us to find out who we really are.  They are the karmic work out buddies who get us toned up in the life gym. Looked at as such, everyone in your life can be viewed as a messenger of love.

At the centre of every oppressor, abuser or villain is a broken, vulnerable child lost in their own maze of ancestral stories.  There is a core innocence (inner sense) within everyone, no matter no matter how much baggage obscures it.  I am sure that Bin Laden didn’t say at age five ‘When I grow up I want to be a terrorist.’  But maybe like many boys he got told to be strong, manly, not to cry and to defend his faith and honour at all costs.  What his message and challenge to the world is, will be the subject of much debate. Personally I see him as the projection of the male leaders of the western world, a friend turned foe who became useful as a place to dump their own dark masculine and justify their own terrifying actions.

When we reclaim our own inner sense, we are able to take the stuck records, the soundtracks of our ancestry and start creating new soundscapes.   We can look back down the line at the ancestors who are often saying, ‘Sorry, we did the best with what we had at the time’, and make a blessing of a curse.  We can take our own mental obsessions and transform them into liberating mantras.

Even more simply, we can use the sound of our heart, AAH, (or whatever sound your heart wants to make) to liberate the flow of our own love current.  We can take anyone with whom we experience challenge and imagine them as a small frightened child, place them in the centre of our heart and sing AAAH until they are lullabyed to sleep.  For truly they are each our own reflections, whether they are a bride/groom at the beginning of a new life or an outlawed leader.   There is room for the whole world in our hearts, for the heart is the meeting of the branches and the roots of all expressions of love and our love is vaster than anything we can ever imagine.  

Wishing you the smooth route to your love roots!
Katie Rosexxxxx

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