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Katie Rose
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Singing Through Sticky

Singing Through Sticky

Here in South London the arrival of winter was announced by a wild wind that shook many trees from their roots.  Streets were strewn with splintered tree branches as the clocks were turned back, moving us into the darker part of the year.
So on Samhain, I find myself asking - what can singing bring to the splintered parts of ourselves and the sticky, tricky dark times?


When there is less light in any situation - whether materially or metaphorically - we cannot rely on appearances alone.  We are called on to listen and intuit more deeply, to feel into the still place within every storm and navigate our way through the night.  Singing sharpens our listening and our connection to our imagination and intuition.

Closing the Gap

Have you ever found there’s a gap between your thoughts, intentions and desired communications and the actual expression of them?  A daily singing practice, like any form of meditation not only keeps us calm, centred, happy and well but also enables us to clarify our communications.  By taking time alone to reflect and understand ourselves we are more able to be expressed clearly around others.  Our best intentions become embodied and we act from a more integrated place.

Primal Sounding

Some things cannot be spoken, there just aren’t words for them. This is why we need access to the whole spectrum of expression including howling, weeping, wailing, lamenting, keening, screaming, shouting, yodelling, giggling, chuckling, gurgling, grunting, groaning, moaning, murmuring, humming, whooping, yelling.  The safe use of abstract sounding allows us to get raw and real with ourselves and release our inner gremlins.

Finding the treat in tricky

When things get tough communication can break down.  Staying in connection can involve being willing to say tricky things, discuss taboo topics and uncomfortable truths. The consequences we fear are often surprisingly less scary and have far less repercussions than the consequences of keeping them hidden in the shadows. The tricky when faced can often become a treat.

Creative conflict

A wise friend said to me this week that ‘two rights can conflict.’  We are all people with truths and unique perspectives. It is necessary that we discover, debate and dialogue with our difference.  When used consciously, creative conflict moves us forward, helping us distinguish and develop our unique contributions. Whole fields of knowledge are enriched by conflict - psychotherapy grew as a field because Jung diverged in opinion from Freud.


In many of our ancestral communities singing was a way to keep warm and weather the storms of life - to fire up the spirit on dark nights and pass on stories, lessons, warnings and advice.  Singing enables to celebrate our ancestries and lineages and to be enriched by being immersed in the diverse rhythms and melodies of our global community.

May all your tricks transform to sweet treats this Halloween :)

Do join me at this months special events.

Please do feel free to comment - I’d love to hear about your singing journey. 

Voice Remedies for Winter Times

1. Drink Sage Tea

2. Boil raw ginger, lemon and, if brave, garlic in a pan for 20 mins then add honey.
3. Gargle with warm salt water

4. Steam - put a few drops of olbas or eucalyptus oil in a bowl of boiling water, lean over the bowl with your head under a towel and inhale deeply.

5. Adorn yourself with scarves.

Photo: Man Ray - Lee Miller

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