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June Tunes

June Tunes - 3 New Tracks for Listening!

What a highly charged and potent week this is turning out to be.
As Lady Venus transited the Sun this week and Queen Betsy had her Right Royal Do,
here in the rose garden, three new musical flowers have bloomed.

I invite you into the experience of these pieces of music and welcome your responses.



Road to Peace
in support of the Dalai Lama
- this track features images from the documentary Road to Peace by Leon Stuparich. 
Click here to watch and listen


I feel so honoured to have been invited to support the Dalai Lama’s message for peace. This track features his ‘Message to the Youth’  plus chanting from an initiation ceremony.  
I was captivated by Leon’s graceful, thought provoking documentary which takes an close-up tour around the UK with the Dalai Lama. Precious moments of humour and compassion form the touchstones of this beautiful portrait of a truly open-hearted man.  The incredible focus of his unswerving commitment to the Tibetan people is absolutely admirable, as is the universality of his message for peace.

I will be performing this track at the special screening of the film on June 19th, during the Dalai Lama’s visit to London.  The evening will feature a Q&A with the Director and Producer
Leon Stuparich and Simon Paul Sutton of Conscious Media and Simon on the Sofa. It’s going to be a magical evening!

For tickets (£12) and to view a special trailer of the film please visit

10% of proceeds will be donated to
Tibet House Trust,
which helps the growing needs of the Tibetan Communities in Exile.



Weirdlore - released 11th June - featuring ‘The Witches Reel’.  Listen here

The strangest, most eccentric contribution to this exquisite and revelatory compilation, though, comes courtesy of Katie Rose’s “Witches Reel”. Heck, no self-respecting weird/wyrd/alt etc collection would be complete without referencing “the goddess” and as such Katie gets to carry the team flag. It’s spooky, it’s odd, it is highly singular and a resounding hit with this coven’s jukebox jury.
Ian Fraser, Review of 'Weirdlore', Terrascope



7 Graces  - in support of the 7 Graces Global Conference

When I first heard Lynn’s presentation about the 7 Graces, it was such a relief to hear someone who articulated my deep intuitive discomfort with marketing with such accuracy and to hear that there was a way out of the matrix! Impressed by her passion and commitment, I offered to make a track for the conference. I read the book and felt utterly captivated by the 7 Graces, as qualities, gifts, guides, presences and ways of being, giving and sharing work in a way that heals ourselves and our planet. I loved the lyricism of Lynn’s writing and felt certain phrases jumping out to be sung. I felt so informed, uplifted and inspired by her writing that the track just wrote itself! I am so grateful to Lynn for her invitation and am looking forward to singing at the conference.
Get the full scoop on the conference and listen to the track -
click here.

Wishing you a wonderful juicy June!
Love and rose blossoms

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