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Katie Rose
from: Katie Rose
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The Power of Play

June Blog - The Power of Play


"Play is the highest form of research."
- Albert Einstein

I had the honour of teaching my annual Sound Healing module at the Holistic Healing College this month - (big shout out to all the wonderful therapists who joined me there!) - and one of the themes that emerged over the weekend was just how joyful, liberating and powerful it is to play.  So here’s a celebration of the power of play and the gifts it can bestow.


1. Play brings us into the present

Many of us fear being put ‘on the spot’ but actually when we are in the spotlight of our creative play, whether in public or privately, miracles start happening.  The moment of our curtain call summons forth the spark of our spontaneity, our unique creative genius - and the courage to follow it.  

Play brings us into the here and now, with what it is immediately in our hands and hearts.  Watch any child engaged in play and you will see a passionate enquiry which requires total absorption in the process of what is happening now.  Whilst there may be a vision of that which we wish to create (an album, a cake, a book) in play there is less preoccupation with an end product or result because the process of making it is so engaging.


2. Play takes us back to our Innocence
(Inner Sense)

When we play we become curious and observational.  In the fully engaged state we become fascinated by whatever occurs and our normal mental reasoning is suspended. We are released from the running commentary of our routine mind with its to-do lists, opinions and judgements.  We let go of social roles, models and inhibitions, inhabiting the space of our essence.  We learn to trust ourselves and our instincts and to let ourselves be.


3. Play liberates creative self-expression

In the being state, we begin creating and discovering. Our imagination is engaged, ideas, inspirations, concepts, perceptions and aha! moments follow.  We discover more about ourselves as we encounter each moment in the process, making creative choices.  It helps us understand that mis-takes are simply a necessary part of the process, which contribute to the richness of the process. This is immensely self-affirming and helps us release old stories about who we were told or think that we are.  The creative process enables us to take a healthy pleasure and delight in our unique self-expression.


4. Play connects us with people

Play dissolves barriers and encourages connection.  I have found so many times that introducing some spontaneous sounding creates friends out of strangers in groups within minutes.  There is a wonderful relief that enters a room (regardless of whether its tough teens, street gang kids or reserved adults) when we can drop the effort of ‘looking good’ ‘getting it right’ or ‘being cool’ and enter a playful, liberated and often very silly state together.   


5. Play helps us relax

Having fun is a direct route to relaxation.  The laughter, joy and delight that arise during play are immensely soothing and rejuvenating.  When we sing or soundplay together our brainwaves enter a more meditative state and our breathing becomes more rhythmic which can help release pain, tension and stress. We emerge from a creative, playful process with profound benefits, feeling refreshed and renewed.


I’d love to hear your stories and experiences of the power of play so do feel free to comment.  


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Looking forward to seeing and singing with you

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