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Katie Rose
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Easter Eggs for the Ears

Easter Eggs for the Ears

The Seasonal Party Cycle
Following the patterns of nature, in many traditions, periods of fasting, reflection and retreat are followed by massive feasts and celebrations.  Here in the London, as Eostre/ Easter, Passover/Pesach and Beltaine approaches, Nature is definitely having a big party.  Blossoms are bursting from every tree branches and fresh green leaves uncurl in streams of spring sunshine. So welcome after winter, the ecstatic beauty of Spring rising is truly wonderful to experience.
Eggsistential Listening
The reflection that precedes the party, is as important a contrast as the winter is to spring.  Times of rest and retreat support us to attune our listening more deeply for what is true.  We may question our habits, addictions, behaviours, thought patterns, temptations, relationships - does this really serve me?  Whilst there may be things we need to release, sackcloth and ashes are not required.  Retreat allows us to incubate and grow our dreams. Healthy self reflection makes space for us to listen for that which truly makes our heart sing and to allow our creativity, wisdom, passion and joy to guide us forward.  Breakthroughs follow - I’ve seen clients blossom as their natural song bursts out of them. 
Testing, testing 123
There will always be manifold potential distractions from our truth - whether that’s an hour lost on Facebook or a text from that best-left-as-an-ex-lover who still knows how to tug on the heartstrings.  All the best loved stories feature the heroine/hero facing epic trials and tribulations on their quest for truth. Truth doesn’t arrive shrink wrapped from Amazon. It’s more of a verb than a noun, because it involves a daily process of refinement as we change and grow. So the tests are really helpers in disguise and as Luke Skywalker discovers when he meets Darth Vader, our foes are often far more familiar to us than we like to admit, for they are there to catalyze our development.
Eggstatic Natural Highs
Times of testing can of course be really tough. The good news is that when we are trying to kick any sort of habit - whether thats releasing an addiction to a substance, workplace or relationship - there are always abundant natural highs available.   Staying tuned to happy-inducing practices enables us to re-ground, re-group, re-solve and re-sonate fully.  It might be baking a loaf of bread, weeding the garden, singing our favourite song, stopping to take a breathful of blossom, running around the park, walking the dog or simply just sitting still and allowing whatever is to wash through us.  The party that follows retreat allows us to celebrate our growth and share our creativity with others.

Here’s a little musical Egg for your Ears
It’s a song by Mica Paris that I drifted into my ears on the breeze one afternoon and whispered some wisdom to me on the matter of staying true  
My One Temptation - click here to download
Wishing you a truly eggciting eggxhilarating Easter/Spring Break

Tips for Hatching Happy Creative Eggs
1. Get Broody - give yourself permission to follow your dreams and nourish your creative self with inspirational, uplifting activities and practices
2. Incubate - Keep your projects safe and entrust them only to selected friends and mentors who will be supportive and constructive.
3. Welcome and Work Through Resistance - creativity catalyzes, so if you are hitting tests, you’re on the right track!
4. Hatch & Celebrate - plan a launch party that allows you to celebrate in style!

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