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Katie Rose
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? Warning: Uplifting Singing Can Seriously Boost the Flow of Happiness to your Heart

? How Singing Helps Our Hearts

? Happiness Gym
Singing is a form of gentle exercise which encourages deep breathing, working the lung and heart muscles and oxygenating the blood supply.  Channeling our energy into musical expression allows us blow off steam. As a result we release stress, tension and pain.  Happy hormones (endorphins) are also emitted, boosting our energy levels.

? Harmonising Hearts
Scientists have shown that the heart beats of singers in choirs start harmonising.  A deep sense of community and connection is created when we sing together.

? Tuning the Heart Strings
Singing fine tunes our awareness of our own feelings allowing us to become more emotionally literate.  Moods lift, shift and transform and we learn to use our voices as an instrument.  Our listening for others becomes more finely attuned and we develop increased empathy.

? The Hearth of the Heart
The creations of our heart are fired in its warm hearth. Heart is an anagram of earth demonstrating our warm connection to our planet.  Singing helps us come home and develop a sense of grounded presence.  Breathing deeply regulates our heartbeats enabling us to steady our natural rhythms.

? Humming Memory
As stories after heart transplants testify, our hearts store memories - our loves, losses and longings are all held there.  Learning lyrics and melodies is great Brain Gym.  Our capacity to remember is amplified by the emotional investment we make when we sing full heartedly.  When we repeat uplifting creative experiences we are hardwiring a happiness mindset!

I’m launching a special
HeartSong singing and sounding group on 21st April and warmly invite you to come and share in some Happy, Healthy, Heartfelt Harmonies.

Wishing you Love and Happiness this Spring

? 4 Tips for Happy HeartSong
* AAH - sing the sound of the heart
* Hum - tune into the sounds around you and hum along
* HAHAHA - practice loud Ha ha ha’s to get your heart pumping and belly laughing
* Listen - for the heartsongs and stories others share with you

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