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How the Sound Forum Community site, Facebook and Twitter are linked

I am frequently asked how the website, Sound Forum Facebook and Twitter are linked. So here is an attempt to provide some answers.

Sound Forum Community site is where articles, video, events, testimonials etc. are organised. This can be found at I see the Sound Forum Community site as a 'Sound Hub', effectively a library of material for anyone to use, in order to answer any questions they have about the latest developments in Sound (covering, but not exclusively; healing, therapy, free improvisation, sound and the mind, scientific research, cymatics and yoga). There is a substantial and growing family of sound specialists, facilitators, instrument makers, musicians and healers all writing significant material on the subject of sound and its transformational powers.

From the Community Website there is a monthly newsletter which I write to our membership which includes material submitted the previous month by anyone who is an Author.  Also all Authors who have published events are tweeted to our Twitter account on a fortnightly basis.

Sound Forum Facebook is the space where all sound people can play.  I judiciously insert Author's recent articles posted on the Community site on a reasonably regular basis but everyone can submit whatever material they want when they want.  Facebook Sound Forum has grown from almost nothing 6 months ago to almost 500 members. If it keeps growing at the present rate it will easily exceed 1000 before the end of the year.

I see the monthly newsletter, Facebook and Twitter as the means of getting the Sound information 'out there'. As they grow so do we. The combined facilities connect everyone; participants and providers into one community worldwide.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes

Andrew Hodges (admin and Editor)

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