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The Mystery Of Buying A Musical Instrument

For most people buying a musical instrument is a mystery. Beginners have the greatest difficulty but even the experienced don't find this kind of decision easy.

For the novice there are plenty of cheap, poorly made instruments, many of which unfortunately are very poor value for money. They are often made with questionable materials in unregulated factories.  It can be very difficult for the untrained ear to tell the difference between a cheap knock-off and one made with skill, care and attention. 

As for the advanced performer, deciding to pay £1,000s, this is a huge decision fraught with difficulty. There are many very good musical instruments available, for example gongs, with an excellent sound. Which one will be the best for you? Then there is the question of the forging of a longterm relationship with the instrument: This will be your sound for the forseeable future. Is this the right sound for me?

So there are many things to think about. Your primary thought should be to buy from a reputable site like this one. It can be very tempting to buy from sites like Amazon but before you go down that route think about the kind of decision you are making. It usually requires good well-intentioned help and support from a website staffed by knowledgable people.  When it comes to the nature of sound healing instruments it's hard to imagine making a confident decision via Amazon. This is a source of many musical instruments of dubious quality.

Sound Travels is led by Jonathan Barnett, someone whose knowledge of healing instruments is immense. He understands all the dilemmas facing the buyer and knows how tough the decision is. His experience is second to none. When the instrument arrives ask yourself; "Does this instrument feel right with me?" Hopefully between you and Jonathan you will have selected the right one.  However if something isn't quite right Sound Travels has a "No Fuss" returns policy which is helpful because if having purchased it, it isn't working for you, you can always exchange it for an alternative.

Fundamentally, the process is about good intention which Jonathan has in abundance. So start your journey with confidence knowing you have the support you need alongside you.

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