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Healing for Don Campbell

Dearest  friends and students of Don Campbell,

I am writing to let you know (just in case you havent heard already) that our beloved friend and sound healer, Don Campbell,  is presently very challenged with pancreatic cancer. 

I just had a beautiful brief conversation with him, and he is back at his home from a few days in hospital, whilst the doctors analysed his situation.

He is taking a small amount of painkillers, and is sleeping well at night.

We spoke about how he now has the opportunity to receive all the healing he requires.

In his inimitable way, he is referring humourously to his pancreas as his "pan-creative" zone ! 

The truth is, it  is in-operable apparently because the tumour is wrapped around a blood vein. 

In the light of this, from a medical point of view,  he may have just 3 - 6 months to live.

However we know that miracles are infinitely possible in such cases, witness Ram Dass and so many others.

So, may we all place Don in our hearts, daily prayers and healing meditations, that every cell in his body especially around his "pan-creative zone" (DC) is filled with healing light and love. 

Don is presently peaceful in himself, and accepting of the outcome. I was very moved when he suddenly opened his heart wide, 

sharing his profound love and gratitude for all the great cathedral music so beautifully.  What a remarkable and dedicated sound healer and soul he IS ! 

He is of course also our grandfather of contemporary Sound Healing. Long may he continue to LIVE on this beautiful Earth, 

according to the will of the One who inspired his great healing vocation, and makes it available for so many of us to benefit from.

TO CONTACT DON in a way that doesn't overwhelm him with too many direct messages, 

KINDLY SEND YOUR MESSAGE VIA: Email :  or go to Website: to sign in and log on.

They are a really supportive and caring community who will send your message on to Don.

May we stay in good touch through our prayers for dear Don at this time

Thankyou so much, what a beloved friend he is to us all. 

Please pass this message on to others you know who will want to send healing energy to Don too.

Lovingly always for the ever-present vibration of healing LIGHT and SOUND

The SOURCE of our existence

Chloe x 

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