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Discovering Your Natural Voice

Chris James

Discovering Your Natural Voice


“Everyone is born with beautiful voice’ Discovering your natural voice is fun,fulfilling and not as tricky as it may seem to some. Working together to re-discover our natural resonant voice is a path to knowing ourselves and re-discovering what makes us tick.
One of them is the ability to truly listen and express how you feel. Really itfirst starts in our own backyard, that is, with ourselves.


We have often been working at life through a veil of old beliefs. Feelings of ‘I don’t deserve to be heard’, or having to push to be heard, are pushed aside as we ‘do our best ‘ to be part of our families and society.

Do any of these sound familiar?

‘Children should be seen not heard’… ’If I speak up (or sing) what will people think of me?’…’Don’t show off’…’Shh someone will hear you’.

Most social communication involves a degree of anxiety of some description and, of course, we have convinced ourselves we can’t sing.  This all adds to the complexity and feeling of un-completenessin our lives.

Formany people their voices are“ stuck in their throats”, and it feels like thatthe ability to express is very much subjective to the impact of our environmentupon us, and what is going on around us. The obvious examples are the waveringvoice when we are called to speak in public, or when we are speaking with anemotionally loaded response.

Stifled creativity and restrictive interaction with life is often reflected in a restricted vocal range and freedom. This can be acutely heard in the monotonic delivery associated with extreme frustration, suppression or anger.

Theseare also the hindrances that end up making people believe they can’t sing.

When people ‘discover their natural voice’ a sense of oneness and inspiration develops, not just for themselves, but for all that they are a part of. When you start to listen to yourself and begin to let go of the negative beliefs that you hold about you and your self-expression, the true ‘you’ can emerge.

And it is so easy. In a very short time we can be in tune, amazed and delighted with ourselves, and of course with our fellow humans who we happen to be singing with. This can be experienced by all, even the very large majority of people who felt this was absolutely not possible. “When fear of self-expression goes, joy naturally takes it’s place”.


The Australian Defence Force recently invited Chris to teach the officer cadets at the Canberra Academy. It proved to be a very practical example of how ‘know your voice, know yourself’ works with ANY individual or organisation. How can you lead others if you don’t know yourself?

To know yourself through exploring your singing and speaking voice, has practical uses “in the field ‘ or indeed any environment.

Developing self-awareness,self-empowerment, and confidence through the medium of the voice, addresses inhibiting and destructive emotional issues and allows the release of unhealthyand unwanted behavioural patterns.

Presenting worldwide for the last 20 years Chris has worked with people from all walks of life. The benefits of experiencing the joy and harmony of your voice and the power of self-expression are far reaching.

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