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Accessing Dimensions for Personal Use

Dimension Hopping


Modern science has finally caught up to Ancient Shamans and Intuitives throughout time, in acknowledging that there are many other dimensions surrounding us; higher dimensions are all around us, some only inches from our touch. Most people cannot sense or reach alternate dimensions in their ordinary lives, however, it is possible to contact and even impact dimensions beyond our own!

Let's backup a bit. I have read a lot of the cutting edge,higher Physics material discussing the scientific, theoretical basis for the existence of higher dimensions. It is "hairy" and difficult stuff. After much effort, I believe the scientific case boils down to this: at the simplest level, scientists have found that it is necessary to postulate extra dimensions(as many as 12 or 13 total dimensions) to reconcile the math and make sense of the best current theories on the origin of and nature of our universe. Said differently, after hundreds of years of experiment and reflection by the best minds in history, we have arrived at a view of the universe that says there are far more dimensions than the three space and one time "D's"that we all know.

In junior high science and geometry we learned about the world's dimensions and the theory behind them. The three space dimensions that we are familiar with can be referred to as length (L),width (W) and height (H). If you want to know the volume of a cube (think cardboard box) you multiply the length of one side times the width of another side times the height of the third side: Volume = L * W *H. Each of the linear dimensions is one "D" - a line is one dimensional. Multiply two linear dimensions and you get 2-"D" or a plane (like a sheet of paper). When you multiply three linear dimensions, as above, you get our 3-"D"world. We also, often add time as the fourth dimension, because all the 3-D objects move and interact "in time".

It is an interesting exercise to contemplate the possibility of beings who might live in a lower dimensional reality (sheds light on how higher dimensional beings might think about us). A famous 2-"D"universe is "Flatland", an imaginary (we think) world where the inhabitants live on a sheet-of-paper-like world.  We could put our face inches above the Flatland world and the people living there would have no clue of our existence.Seems simple right - well that is exactly how our 3-D universe appears to a being who resides in a higher dimensional reality. Only special humans have been able to reach the higher dimensions throughout time. Mystics, clairvoyants, Jesus and Buddha, all achieved their wonders by tapping into a higher dimensional realm.

I would argue that our "futureselves" reside in a higher dimension. You have probably heard that advancedbeings "vibrate at a higher frequency" than we do; we just cannotdetect them. I believe this is just another way of explaining the presence ofhigher dimensions and the presence of a vast unseen world with divine beings  that we know exist. (My mother and my guardian Angel are no doubt standing right next to me watching my poor writing in action. Sorry Mom.) All is vibration and the higher beings are much higher in frequency (pitch) and therefore we do not detect them - analogous to how the frequency of a dog whistle is beyond our hearing and detection - but it is very real!

Today it is well documented that people skilled at meditation can attain powerful states of mind and access special information. While in these deep trance states they obtain energy and information from higher dimensions. Tapping into higher dimensions, enables you to gain energy, hence power and information - answers to your questions, divine insights, work miracles. Edgar Cayce clearly reached into other dimensions to access the information that he shared so prolifically with the world.

I believe the key to reaching alternate dimensions is energy.Energy can flow through dimensions - in both directions! One can go to higher dimensions and retrieve information - just as the Ancient Shaman did while in trance states for his tribe. One can also go to other dimensions and leave information.

I have always been very intuitive, and as a result often times I experienced a very disturbing feeling, only later to clairvoyantly see snippets of a past life (presumably going on now in another dimension), which was the root cause of my bad feelings. For example, drown in a previous life? Chances are you are terrified of water next time around. There is bleed-through from one dimension to another. It benefits us in the now,to bless ourselves in the past and future - and in other dimensions. It is in the interest of the future, "higher dimensional you" to help with a current problem that you are struggling with in today's 3-D world. This makes me think that prayer energy creates a porthole to higher realms. When I pray,my energy reaches future "me" and future loved ones, who can send back energy or guidance to help me in my current reality. Bless the past and future and all your family and friends (and not-so-friends) with forgiveness and gratitude.

Gathering energy from other dimensions is known as mediumship. What I am talking about could be called "reverse mediumship". You can leave energy in higher dimensions that is beneficial (today and tomorrow)for yourself and others. The implications and potential benefits of this"dimension traveling" are staggering.

Music can be another modality, similar to meditation, that can help you reach a higher plane of reality - or another dimensional world.Specifically, music has special properties that can work to raise our consciousness and allow access to other worlds. Music can interact with us physically. Everyone knows how musical vibrations can affect our bodies directly: sing and calm a distraught infant, beat a drum to frighten an enemy,sweet love songs to woo a lover, peaceful compositions that relax, lower blood pressure, induce sleep, scary sound tracks that make that movie so intense...and many, many more. The musical frequencies enter our bodies (not just our ears); they alter our brainwaves. Our states of mind are altered - like with the expert meditating. Emotions are strongly influenced. You probably have heard of the Mozart effect? This is a well documented phenomena where intelligence can be enhanced with music. These wonders above, are all impressive - and I strongly recommend that anyone with the interest pursue these blessings of music. However, there is another lesser know power of music- I should say Sound - and that is the ability of special frequencies of Sound/Music to interact with and alter Subtle Energy!

Entire books have been written on the subject of Subtle Energy - due to our space limitations I think it is best defined as energy that straddles the physical and non material worlds. Subtle energy has never been directly measured by science but intuitives and mystics can sense it easily and manipulate it to grand results. Subtle energy has extremely high frequency and extremely small wavelength - probably why we cannot detect it a ghost or an angel perhaps. The key point, for our purposes, is that Subtle Energy interacts with certain musical/sound vibrations. Music can affect and influence Subtle Energy in a variety of ways. Hence we have a readily available tool that can work in the non material or Higher Dimensional Spheres!Our ticket for hopping dimensions.

Although it is not entirely understood how music interacts with subtle energy - we do know a lot. Music is vibrational energy, as is Subtle energy. Clearly these two forms of energy can comingle and alter each other. I believe it is in the areas of resonance and harmony (among others) where music has the ability to affect subtle energy. Also, as we hinted at above,music is a physical or energetic embodiment of emotional states or feelings. As energy can cross dimensional boundaries, perhaps the emotional content of music goes through the dimensional levels as well. Once in a new dimension the music still conveys the same emotion and energy as it did in our world - a way of speaking to beings in another universe!? I would argue that these properties of music allow it to directly contact higher dimensions. Listening to peaceful, uplifting music alters our brainwaves, our emotions even our physicality. Our musical preferences are carried forward from an old life to a new one. The Ancients knew these things as they used Music for a powerful force in all spiritual aspects of their lives,... and as conduit to other dimensions.



For 25 years, JM has researched Vibratory Energy for healing and a wide array of remarkable uses. She has written 3 books. Mattson composes and produces  Sound Healing CD's;her DeepWave Beauty  won a silver COVR award. Free soundhealing mp3s 




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