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Dear Friends of Don Campbell everywhere ...

This message is to let you know that our beloved Don - who has patiently,  light-heartedly,  and graciously navigated the physical challenges of his "pancreative" cancer over these last four months - is now on the runway to heaven,  and preparing for his wedding with eternity., On Friday,  it became clear that it was time for him to move to the Hospice Care Center in Louisville where he is now cared for in the peaceful presence of the healing community there.
Don's closest childhood friend Donna Streib will also be with him,  along with a few closest loved ones., May we each send our own healing sound and song and prayers to Don from all parts of the globe,  so that our universal sound will assist and support him now - just as his life-time of sound healing has supported so many of us - that he may now move effortlessly,  gently,  and seamlessly through the veil between visible and invisible.
I was blessed,  in late April to spend 10 days with Don,  and it was there,  that I truly encountered the depth and luminous wisdom of this mighty soul and Being.
May his transition into the burning splendour of the Great Light,  be full of grace, transcendent sound,  song and the most profound peace.
Kyrie Eleison,
Om Om Om,
Shantih Shantih Shantih,
Peace Peace Peace,
Chloe Goodchild

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