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Rami Shaafi
from: Rami Shaafi
Category: Overtone Singing

My journey with overtone singing and harmonics part 1

I am an overtone singer and multi-instrumentalist. I come from the UK but now live in Slovakia. I
have always been fascinated by the spirituality of making sounds and music. I travel extensively
both performing and teaching overtone singing, Khoomei Mongolian throat singing, didgeridoo,
jaw harps, Tibetan singing bowls, Native American flutes, symphonic gongs and other harmonic
instruments from around the world. I have been playing all these beautiful harmonic instruments
and overtone singing since around 1995 and have performed in concerts, festivals, exhibitions, radio
and TV programs.
I also give educational concerts and talks about these instruments in schools and for various groups.
I am an experienced and enthusiastic workshop leader, offering workshops and one-to-one’s on
overtone/throat singing and world harmonic instruments.
On many occasions I am asked when and how did you start overtone singing and playing all these
So I thought I would share with you my journey, cutting a long story short, it is my passion.
My interest started from my childhood. As a child I was sensitive to energy and sometimes I would
go deep in thought about the sensations, information and connection I was experiencing.
Many of my experiences were bringing me to the past, deep memories of times in history from
various cultures which as a child I did not know about but when I heard the music and sound from
these places I would get images and flashbacks as if it were my memories but not from this life time.
But a voice inside of me would say “I know this”.
My interest has always been in the sincerity of the singer or player in their communication.
Like our ancestors sounding for giving prayers and thanks for various blessings.
My interest is the indescribable something that is in the persons being that starts the
communication before the person opens their mouth to sing or their hand reaches for the
instrument. That beautiful something is what interests me, that sincere energy from the spirit.
When listening to Native American flute playing or chanting, aboriginal Australian didgeridoo playing
or singing, Mongolian or Tuvan throat singing I would feel connected to them from my being to
theirs and from my being to their ancestors and I feel great peace and joy for that connection form
every part of me.
So I started to collect music from these cultures and from all around the world and attend live
concerts. Also started to go to workshops and met such lovely people that helped me on my journey.

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