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Don Conreaux
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Mysterious Tremendum

In the lineage of Ancient Ceremonial Tradition, Gongmaster Don Conreaux assembles a master group of Shamanistic Musicians and Performing Artists who have an ability to improvise intuitively. Our concert presentation is called Mysterious Tremendum, and is inspired by early 20th Century Russian Mystic, Alexander Skriabin, who discovered a "mystic chord" which he believed "Musically Aligns Humanity With The Kingdom Of Nature".
Our music is evocative and primal, said to be Seed Music of the New Millennium, the music of the Alpha and the Omega. These spontaneous tone ceremonies carry a Living Spirit which has transformational power, it is non-premeditated, and pure music of Initiation. It frees the creative consciousness of the listener and player.
Mysterious Tremendum concerts are a listener's adventure into the Music of Cosmic Resonant Power. The audience simply dissolves into soundscapes of pure resonance and waves of synchronous tones, creating unity of body, mind and spirit, and "a oneness with the universe" Gong music is associated with certain great periods in the cycles of time.
Its resurgence today is said to coincide with major Initiatory shifts already in process within the Consciousness of Humanity. It is suggested that his ancient form of Initiatory Sacred Sound is presently cycling back into manifestation for the inclusive purpose of Spiritualizing Matter.
The music of Mysterious Tremendum has alternately been described as Sacred Tone Improvisation, Spiritual Free Jazz, Syntonic, Sacred Metal, Indigenous, World, Transformational, Ambient, Meditational and Inspired Music, and presents such programs as "Artists for Humanity Concerts" "Meetings with Remarkable Tone Masters," and represent its special project for peace, the World Peace Bell Gardens.
Mysterious Tremendum tours the world welcoming musicians, movement and performance artists to join without pre-meditation. Co-founded in 1991, it is an ever transforming synthesis designed to evoke the pure spirit of a collective consciousness. Each performance is a unique experience, with instrumentation that features the Gong, Bell, Conch, Polyphonic Voice, and weaves archaic to modern wind, string, and percussive sounds from inter-world traditions.
The Mysterious Tremendum logo is an ancient Runic symbol considered to mean "Sound of the Universe From The 8 Corners of Heaven." We think of it as representative of a new consciousness emerging on the planet today - the global principle of working together to create a functional exchange of energy, and establishing a whole greater than the sum of it¹s parts. It is a synthesis of music evoked from the 8 Corners of Heaven into the material world, with reverberations going outward in the 8 Directions on Earth. In the world of music, our logo could be said to represent the "Syntonic Reformation" philosophy of composer, pianist, astrologer Dane Rudhyar. We believe it represents the many worlds of our global community.
We consider Sacred Tone Improvisation to be the purest form of music. It transcends the traditional concept of composition, and our ensembles act from a state of telepathic resonance and spontaneous intuitional rapport. We understand this to be a mode for developing the collective soul of the human family. It is considered to be music of creative synchronicity in action. Concerts often conclude with a special "Gong Meditation" in which listeners may relax into their dreambody, and become totally immersed in feeling tones.
Our intention is to "spiritualize matter" and "dematerialize" ordinary consciousness, fostered as gongtones release us into a meditative state of simply 'being.' The experiencer enters into the silent center of total sound; and hears the "Inner Voice of the True Self."
Don Conreaux

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