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The Field of Training in the Art and Craft of Gong Playing

In order to establish a closer rapport with the Higher Creative Intelligence within the Gong, spiritual mechanics and physical techniques must first be learned. These must be learned in the beginning like so many potential dance steps lead to a more evolved free dance. Everyone has a unique gift to humanity and to nature. Although this uniqueness makes each gong player special, there are other held-in-common areas to study that can make the “gongmaster proper” and which are essential to full mastery. It is the gong’s holistic power that comes through you when you play in the state of Turiya (neutrality) and it is Turiya which dominates the process of ‘sounding’.  In this Samadhic state we are in primordial Akashic territory wherein the Higher Creative Spirit takes charge. The gong master acts as a funnel for a wide embrace of primal resonances and energies. It is a question of whether one is in a state of “awareness of awareness” or not in order to maximize what the late philosopher musician artist astrologer Dane Rudhyar calls Syntonic Consciousness; a mind which synthesizes diverse elements into a functional harmony of tone full resonances.

When we master a craft or trade whether exoteric or esoteric, a process of natural growth takes place.

Gong Mastery Process

I Novice

Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

II Apprentice

Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

III Journeyman

Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

IV Craftsman

Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

A Fully Certified Gong Therapist and Teacher is one who has reached the 4th stage of certification and confirmation in the gong training program and is an active Journeyman Gong Master with advanced experience in the following areas:


1.     Gong, Bowl, Conch Playing

2.     Yoga, and the Completed Kriya

3.     Overtone Singing and Nada Mantra Sutra

4.     Color, Sound, Chakra, Meridian Correspondence

4.     Ceremonial Art and Sacred Tone Improvisation

5.     Diverse Systems of Meditation

6.     Working with the Chiometer

7.     Designing and Divining The Starhenge Mandala

8.     Ceremonial Gong in Public Service

9.     Other Esoteric Systems: Crystal/gem/Aroma, etc.

10.   Scientific Sound Research

11.   Expanding Gong Consciousness



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