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Don Conreaux
from: Don Conreaux
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Don Conreaux writes....

In the lineage of gong history, Dane Rudhyar and Alexander Scriabin represent two of the most important esoteric philosophers.

In Dane Rudhyar’s writings he says that the Human Kingdom is represented by a series of Ascending Fifths and the Nature/Deva Kingdom is represented by a series of Descending Fourths.

"The Mystic Chord of Scriabin consists of 6 Gong-like Tones which are meant to align the Human Kingdom with the Devic/Nature Kingdom and bring the audience to a state of Ecstasy and De-materialization.

Scriabin considered the audience and musicians to be Spiritual Adepts experiencing a Transcendental Initiation within a Sanctum Sanctorum or Mysterium Tremendum." 

Joel Mandelbaum wrote in his dissertation that the "Mystical Chord as treated by Joseph Yasser and Till H.Schafer" represents harmonics: 

1, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13.

Deviations:       -49  -31  -14  +40  +4

Note Name      C   F#   Bb    e   ab   d'

Harmonic No.   1   11    7    5   13   9

Cents based    0  551  969  386  840  204



• A tone is a living cell composed of organic matter. It has the power of assimilation, of reproduction, of making changes, of growing.

• Concentrate on a cell and you may discover the mysteries of the universe.  Concentrate on a tone, and in it you may discover the secret of "being" and find "the inner voice" of the Self.

• A tone is a solar system composed of a central sun, of planets, a circulating magnetic substance relative to a vaster system.

• A tone is a micro-cosmos, reflecting faithfully the macro-cosmos, its laws, its cycles, its center.

• The Self within a tone can only become fully active when the Self within the tone-producer is also active.

• Purification means to return to Nature's laws. Regeneration means that the Tone or 'tonic power' of that which feeds our multi-dimensional nature is absorbed so we might likewise release the power of tone in our lives. SYNTONISM is a word that stands for "Tone as a Release of Power" called SYNERGY, which is the power of regeneration.

• Mahatma Gandhi used the word SATYAGRAHA to stand for the self-purifying effort toward Truth of one's selfhood and the tone of one's own being. 

• The gong might be called an example that demonstrates Mahatma Gandhi's idea of AHIMSA(non-violence) as well as SATYAGRAHA (Truth Force) in that it is like a divine engine that produces safe transport to the one Truth within us, the unchanging truth that is expressed in the eternal universal force of Love, the common denominator of life.

•Tones are like plants and trees...they are TRIUNE...seed, sap, and leaves...that is, fundamental, sonal energy, and overtones. Every tone can be said, allegorically, to be the "ASHVATTA  TREE", the very essence and symbol of Nature.  To one who understands fully the complex nature of a tone the innermost secrets of our manifested universe are revealed.

• When we pass from the realm of organic matter to that of organic energy, from tree to tone, for instance, we find that water becomes transformed into its dynamic correspondence, known for ages in India as AKASHA.  Akasha has been called the GREAT WATERS OF SPACE...the one essential property of Akasha is sound.

• Sonal energy shoots from the vibrating instrument as a ray, or collection of rays...the product of the disintegration of the very atoms of the instrumental substance taking place under the muscular action of the musician....where it has been induced by percussion and throwing out absolute corpuscles of matter, inter-atomic particles, with velocity of 1,120 feet per second; invacuo..20,000.  In other words, the sound produced by a bell or gong is the result of the disintegration of its very substance...and if kept resonating for millennia, theoretically it would entirely disappear.  It would have transformed itself into a continuous etheric flow, a stream of Sonal Energy...very much in the same way in which a seed transforms itself into a tree.

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