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Don Conreaux
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Category: Gong Work


An overview of 18 Areas of Gong Studies

            *The Prophesies and Mysteries of the Gong and its lineage

The first three books of Gong Mastery:

            *We will teach from the first three books.

The Music of Wholeness

Magnum Opus of the Gong I

Gongs of our Solar System

Questions & Answers

            *We will use Q & A in the singing bowl for diving the communication process

The Gong Meditation, the Gong Bath, and Gong Puja.

            *Each one is indispensible to delineate and practice

Gong Therapy

            *Bronze/Brass Alloy – the common man’s gold – Gong Meditation - Gong Therapy

Dance of the Gong

            *The strokes of the hung gong and the hand held gong

The 4th Ray Technique of Chord saturation

            *The best use of the Shruti Song, and the Shruti Box

Over-toning and the Mantra Sutra

            *Nada Mantra Sutra technique

The Healing Art of improvising Sacred Tone

            *A rite of passage as a Genesian technique

Brain Science and Divination

            *Synchronization of the Whole and the Parts

Playing Well the Sacred Conch and the Bronze Singing Bowl

            *Purification through Conch Sounds; Conch ceremonies

Initiatory Purpose of Healing Theatrical Gong Performance

            *De-materialization of the viewer

The Global Gong Network

            *The purpose of The International Council of Gong Masters

Starhenge Sacred Geometry and the World Peace Gong Gardens

            *Gong Master of Geometry, Design and divination Templates

Singing Bowl Playing and Bowl therapy

            *programming of bowls through vocal toning and speech singing

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