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Don Conreaux
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In 1983 I was coordinating an event in Los Angeles for the ICC, International Cooperation Council for the United Nation NGO’s, Non-Governmental Organizations.

Before this time a certain book was placed in my hand by Leland P. Stewart, Executive Director of the Los Angeles ICC.

The book was titled, Towards The Maitreyan Revolution, written by the late Karl Heussenstamm., one of the founding fathers of ICC

The book was first published in 1974 in India.

Maitreyan is an unusual name; sometimes used for the Goddess Maitreya; other times for the Buddha.

My own relationship with the name Maitreya before this was with the early writings of Theosophy, the writings of Dane Rudhyar, and those of Benjamin Crème.

However, it wasn’t till a fateful day in1969 that I really became aware of the significance of the Chinese Mandarin Characters on the face of many of the symphonic gongs made by Paiste, and other companies, as well.

In fact, my first gong became a 28” inch diameter gong with the “Tai Loi” characters on the front, “Happiness Has Arrived!”  It was the exact duplicate of the one, which my teacher Yogi Bhajan had introduced to us in 1969. We were among  his first healthy, happy, and holy students of Kundalini Yoga. I realized that the gong’s purpose was the “Spiritualization of Matter”


A plausible story begins in Iraq, Iran & Turkey and what was called Sumeria at that time approximately 5,000 years ago. In those days the savior god was known as Mithra, the Sun God of the Taurean Age, the Descending Dwapara Yuga of the late Bronze Age, 3000 BC.

Mithra means a “Friend To All”, It is the Sun that shines on all.

When the descending Bronze Age ended at the death of Lord Krishna in 3,000 BC, 2,160 years of the Descending Kali and the 2,160 years following of the Ascending Kali Yuga; together called the Iron Age became its replacement. Then around 600 BC the great teachers of humanity, Gautama Buddha (The Enlightened One), Lau Tze, Zoroaster, Confucius, Pythagoras, and others, planted their wisdom seeds for a future enlightened humanity.

As Gautama the Enlightened One just 2500 years ago spoke his final instructions to 26 close disciples, he asked that the words “Tai Loi” – Happiness Has Arrived placed on every gong to announce his return as “Maitreya” or ‘telepathic resonance’ and ‘musical fullness’.  He also reiterated that the name of the Gong’s ancestor was Mithra, friend to all, and Maitreya would be the next name of his reincarnation possibly at the end of 2500 years., which is our present time on earth.


What I have lovingly called Gong Masters are those players that strive to embody this same spirit which Dane Rudhyar has said comes through the gong into manifestation, that of Ahimsa (non-violence, and the power of Satyagraha, or Truth Force.. Circumstantially, when the dying Mahatma Gandhi was asked of his next reincarnation he said only “I will come back “when a piece of me is in everyone’s heart.”

When I resigned my activities as Kundalini Yoga Directer of Nanak Dwara Ashram, Phoenix Arizona. in 1976, I began preparation for my next assignment with the gong. Some 9 years later the Dharma became clear when in 1983/84, I joined a Mahatma Gandhi Salt March from West to East Coast.

Along the way, I gonged and greeted people from farmer to governor. It was in my hand to birth the following 9-sentence greeting given to me by the late Steven Beltz



1.         I offer you peace

2.         I offer you friendship

3.         I offer you love

4.         I hear your needs

5.         I see your beauty

6.         I feel your feelings

7.         All wisdom flows from the highest source

8.         I honor that force in you

9.         Let us work together


(I have added on over the years the following….)

10.       Your are my own true self

11.       In Lakesh Ala Kin

            And I am another yourself

12.       Namaste

            We are One

13.       Blessings

(There are now 13 hand gestures that speak a non-verbal sacred transmission from one human gong to another)


Now, some 30 years from 1983 – 2013 have gone by since birthing the spread of the Universal Greeting, and global harmony gong preparations continue for the 1st Day of World Peace, and spreading of Starhenge designed World Peace Stone Gardens. Likewise, the formation of IGMA our  future Global Gong Family Network.


The most dedicated Gong Masters are gong players/sound healing practitioners who have taken upon themselves this mantle of spreading peacefulness in its highest meaning. They are the ones who are students first and teachers second and who are in practice to master the great gong tone of life inwardly while consciously striving to right action ‘Seva” outwardly.

All of us who practice Gong Seva carry the vision first expressed by Robert Muller of the UN, 1984,

“The first day of world peace will be when people are gathered in circles holding hands and giving thanks for life and breath while they listen to all the gongs and bells of peace ringing together around our planet world.”


The year 2,020 is the time given when the 4th Ray of Sound Healing is to become fully activated according to theosophist, Alice A. Bailey. During the next 6/7 years we will continue to see the fullness of the living gongs that are spreading to all countries.


This ray of green represents holistic healing. It is the most resonant spot in the rainbow, the peak part of the rainbow arc. White is also associated with this ray, the color of purity and surrender. The 4th Ray, which has been in an inactive state saw the effects of war and contention, of polarization. The 4th Ray, the balancing point also includes lawyers and Thespians, both the Court and the Theatre..

The 4th Ray is related strongly to the 6th Astrological house of Seva/service or sickness in Virgo, and the planet Chiron, the Wounded Healer

It is connected also strongly to the 2nd Ray of Love & Wisdom, and the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Arts.

2nd     (4th)   7th


(a Shruti Saying)

There are three questions that allow for self-realization answers to precipitate before, during and after the tone bath immersion. They are:

What is my intention?

What shall be my affirmation?

Inwardly do I smile?

The Intention evokes the visualization of manifestation. It is soul action.

The Affirmation is a ‘shruti’ or song of revelation that inspires positive reprogramming called in yoga, “pratyahara”. It is the gong gift of higher consciousness. I have called it Gong Consciousness.

Smiling is a shift to program the frontal cortex. It burns the bridge behind.


As a human,  ‘being’, or ‘not being’ has been an existential question for all humankind.

Whatever you are doing when it is extracted from being is karmic. Being what you consciously do is dharmic.


I am happy that the great Gong Bath of Holistic Resonance or at times called the deep gong meditation experience has been used by all of our international gong family, and those who now practice Gong Therapy.

I am also pleased that the numerological formulation used for the all night Gong Puja has been understood and has found its place amongst the healing sound gong players and healing tone practitioners everywhere.

I have previously defined a term called Holistic Gong Yoga as a substitute term for Maitreyan Yoga and Kriya Kundalini Yoga, It is now being learned by yoga teachers and gong bath guides. This design science is being implemented by many of the gong ‘s global family who studied with me.


Gongs originally were discovered as singing stones, stones that rung when struck.

Born in the glacier retreat, ancient Stone Circle making is now in our modern Aquarian Era an art fit for Gong Masters For World Peace. Today the modern design science of Sarhenge is within reach of all gongmasters who have studied with me.

An important Date in 2013

Thursday, July 25, The Mayan Day out of Time

Magnetic Moon 1 begins on the 26th

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