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Elaine Whittaker
Category: Gong Work

Soulful Sound

I had the pleasure of welcoming a fellow sound lover to one of my Gong Sound Baths recently.  She had just completed here Sound Training and was exploring Sound Baths given by various people locally.

I was really touched by her lovely feedback.  She loved the nuances of my playing – it wasn’t just loud. We discussed her feedback and I said I felt it was really important to give my sound bath attendees space for release – if I just ‘bash out’ a wall of sound, I deprive them of that space – it becomes me pushing my sound onto/into them – whether they are ready or not.

When I play I try to stay in tune with both my inner guide and my audience so that I can play for the group.  I find my playing Is never the same twice –whilst, as I use several different instruments, I have a rough order of play,the time I spend at each point my vary, and certainly the sounds will vary.  But I do always bring in light and shade, yang and yin, and points between to give nuance and space for release.

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