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Don Conreaux
from: Don Conreaux
Category: Gong Work

Dear Friends of the Gong

(A personal message from Don to those of the newly arising Homo Luminous Spiritualis)

Further prophesies of the world mission of the gong of peace

With so many new gong players out in the world now, it is easy for me to lose track of our communication with each other. Please let me share my thoughts of the future with you. I realize that there are those who do not hold this vision I have, but I must put it out there for those who can embrace it.


As you may have read in my writings on the gong that the 4th Ray of the Sound Healer will be fully active by 2025.

There is to be what I call the 100th global gong master effect.

In 2025 if I am still mobile and clear when my 90th birthday comes around, I expect to see the culmination of the work I started last century in the 60’s.

From Gong Vision to Gong Reality

2015 - 2018

I believe that once we have at least one Journeyman Gong Master caretaking each of at least 100 of the 165-plus countries of the world, the first exponential gear to shift the global consciousness will drop in place.

2019 - 2021

Then, through this International artery, the consciousness of the one gong master in all expressing unconditional friendship will flow according to the PHI ratio out into the world and the prophesy of Gautama Buddha of returning as Maitreya Buddha will come to fruition. And thus, after 2500 years after Buddha’s passing, this ‘maitreyan’ consciousness will influence the minds of Planet Earth’s civilization as a common feeling threading throughout all nations and their peoples. This shift of consciousness will be aided by a special DNA marker in our collective MEM-ory. You can call it a 100th gong master marker. This second shift to a One World Humanity that is activated by the gong force’s holistic resonance will be when there will be gong masters who will be caretakers of what I have called a ‘Starhenge’ World Peace Gong Garden in every state of the USA and in every country of the United Nations.

2022 - 2025

The third shift will be when there are indefinite numbers of Gong Masters doing World Seva in all the world’s major cities and in smaller townships, as well.

This 9/10-year projection of humanitarian gong masters awakening everywhere bringing the power of synthesis to others through Gong Seva can be why today’s population of Gong Masters is growing now in an exponential manner according to PHI.

I believe that as gong players everywhere begin to perceive their roles as Servant-Leaders, the policy of gift giving will also gain the momentum needed for transforming our relationships away from greed and fear and towards seeing the other person as our own true self.

We will embrace the meaning of the Universal Agreement given to us by the call and response Universal Greeting gong masters share with others.

Today, 2015, is just the beginning of this unfolding.

In healing resonance,


If interested in joining together as one gong master, E me about being a part of IGMA, the International Gong Masters Alliance.

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